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Pepsi Refresh Project: Social Media marketing and desire for success

Pepsi Refresh Project: Social Media marketing and desire for success

Scott Moir of Irbtrax has been talking a little about the Pepsi Refresh Project, as he likes the idea of corporations such as this well-known American brand giving instead of taking. As well as the fact that six principles of social media marketing are used – something that many more companies will take up once they ramp up their social marketing efforts.

Moir wants to share with people about his passion for the Refresh Project to become a success, much greater than Pepsi themselves had imagined. If this company succeeds then others will follow, which is great for those who benefit. Things are not always as good as they seem, and Scott Moir fears that this might never happen.

It is no secret that the Pepsi Refresh Project website needed to be optimized, the site underwent some work and with some downtime in March, it was back. However, Moir points out that one issue might have been overlooked – how can the website handle the surge of applications with its current internal applications process?

Scott Moir hopes that this will not become a problem, but if it does, he has asked for someone from Pepsi to call him. If he does receive that call then he will show them an easy solution to solve this problem.

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