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Google Translate for Animals: April Fool’s Day 2010

April 1, 2022 | Tina Chubb

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Google Translate for Animals: April Fool’s Day 2010

Have you ever felt stressed or lonely, and the only conversation you’ve had has been a one sided one with your cat or dog? Well now it could be possible for your pet to communicate back, with an app developed by Google that’s called “Translate for Animals.”

According to an article at – sourced from Google – the application makes it possible for you to talk to your animals, whether it is a cat, dog or any other pet. The search engine hopes that the app will help you find out exactly what your animal is thinking.

If you visit Google, you will be able to see just how the “Translate for Animals” Android application works. It is meant to translate certain phases that are common to the species. If you have any problems with the new app, just think Aprils Fool’s Day.

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