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April Fools 2010 Facebook Status: How far would you go?

April 1, 2022 | Peter Chubb
April Fools 2010 Facebook Status: How far would you go?

When visiting Facebook one of the first things you check is your friend’s status update – today would have been more important than ever. The reason for this is April Fools 2010, you can be certain that they will add some funny jokes or pranks that they have played throughout the course of the day.

Gather explains that there are so many social networking sites out there, but it is Facebook that has the largest audience. We expect traffic to be higher than ever on the website today, let us hope that these pranks do not go too far.

It is also nice to see Facebook getting involved in the fun; back in 2007 they announced a new feature called “LivePolk”. The feature would mean that someone would be sent to your friend and then give him or her a poke – now that is funny.

It is surprising how far people will go to get a laugh – some pretending they’re gay, while others go to the extreme and convince their partner that they were having an affair – just be careful as that could backfire on you.

How far would you go?

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  1. double2 says:

    this is the most unfortunately juxtaposed, sterile, unfunny article i have read relating to april fools. and its so high up the google search list…spend more time on content and less time on search engine optimization

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