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Apple iPad: Star Trek Captain’s Log app

March 31, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Apple iPad: Star Trek Captain’s Log app

Our attention has been brought to a brilliant new app for the new Apple iPad when we finally receive them any day now…hopefully. It comes from Gizmodo, is called the Captain’s Log, and for all you Star Trek fans out there, it’s made for you.

Star Trek may have been well ahead of its time as crew members in various episodes can clearly be seen toting Apple iPad like tablet devices. In Star Trek co-incidentally it was called the PADD, Personal Access Display Device and the PADD’s were amazingly similar to the one’s we’ll be getting our hands on this weekend.

The Captain’s Log app that all you Trekkies will love, allows you to check your mail and social networking profiles and also has extra fine points such as the star date, and gives the realistic look of an original PADD.

This comes via Will you be rushing to get your Captain’s Log app, that is always assuming of course, that you get your iPad, or want one? Why not let us know?

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  1. Dan Allman says:

    I didn’t want an iPad… i have an iPod touch, i saw no need for one………


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