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Social Media & the chancellors debate: Twitter & Facebook approach

[ 2 ] March 30, 2022 | Debbie Turner

So what did you think of “Ask the Chancellors”? The televised live debate last night has given us a fascinating insight into just how much the use of social media will affect this and upcoming general election issues. It was always going to make the debate more interesting because it gives it a different angle, and may hopefully, draw more people into politics.

The chancellor’s debate gave us just a brief glimpse of the social media frenzy that will surround the General Election when it finally comes. Looking at both Twitter and Facebook, it seems that Twitter is really the in-place for this sort of activity. Glancing at both throughout the debate found boos, laughter, cheers and analysis from the online audience.

The Facebook Democracy UK page, set up for just this kind of use only attracted a few dozen comments though, whilst Twitter issued more than 12,000 tweets in the course of the debate. Even the Conservative chairman Eric Pickles couldn’t resist a tweet saying as you might expect, “George Osborne clearly won the first half hour of the debate”. Whether you agree with this or not is another matter but at least he tweeted.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, there was then support issued for Liberal Democrat Vince Cable, and then Labour Foreign Secretary, David Miliband added from overseas, “Heard Alistair won the economy debate”. The results of a Channel 4 internet vote were Vince Cable, a narrow winner with the public, with 36% of the vote, followed by both Alistair Darling and George Osborne with the same tally of 32%.

It’s certainly a fascinating development for the world of politics and I for one, can’t wait to see how things will develop. What are your thoughts on social media and politics, or what did you think of the chancellor’s performances last night?


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  1. Uni student says:

    They've put principles above political ambition.
    VINCE CABLE 4 Chancellor! NICK CLEGG 4 Prime Minster!

    Join the supporter driven online grassroots movement for the Lib Dems on YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER and newspaper BLOGS. We'll bypass the media and get the message out to undecided voters, and people who want to vote Lib dem but are being discouraged by the media saying it's a wasted vote, just like the Obama campaign did.
    It's easy and costs nothing, let's work together across the country.
    Simply visibly express your support for the Lib dems online, and show the media we won't allow them to limit our choices to the 2 war mongering corupt Labour and Conservative parties anymore.

  2. The interesting thing is that all the activity I saw was between people who are already plugged into politics and interested in the subjects covered.

    Social Media will only become influential and meaningful when it reaches beyond the politios chatting to and about eachother and the ordinary person in the street becomes engaged and interested.

    Obama did this very successfully. I am yet to see clear signs of the same happening here, but it is an area where the smaller parties can compete head-to-head with the larger ones and I look forward to that!

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