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MW2 Stimulus Package: Twitter Updates For Call of Duty Map Pack

MW2 Stimulus Package: Twitter Updates For Call of Duty Map Pack

As some of you are probably aware there is currently a problem with the latest addition to Xbox Live, this latest addition is the Stimulus Map Package for Call of Durty: Modern Warfare 2.

From what we can see Microsoft are currently doing their best to resolve this problem, apparently Modern Warfare 2 requires a title update to fully resolve all issues, however this title update is not yet ready.

Major Nelson (Xbox Live’s Director of Programming) has recently tweeted “If ur getting “Can’t download the update” that’s us putting the latest update in place. Excuse our dust, we’ll be done ASAP”, along with “Right now the team (and @thevowel) is getting things in order so this will be fixed VERY soon (within hours.)”.

Also he recently tweeted “BTW: When I say hours, many of you may have it fixed before then. That’s a worst case scenario. Thanks to many of your for your patience.”

If your are eager to find out more regarding this issue I recommend following Major Nelson on Twitter, here is his Twitter page.

Are you frustrated with problems surrounding the MW2 Stimulus Map Package?

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Comments (27)

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  1. jordan clark says:

    what time will it be when we can use the new maps ?

  2. woo says:

    This is a nightmare for any parent….please mr xbox,fix it quick!

  3. Kieran says:

    when i buy something. i expect something in return. If i was going to get millions of dollars for something. I'd make sure what i was selling worked.

  4. Howard says:

    wow rip off! NOT! there GREAT MAPS

  5. must have stimulus !!! says:

    omg i cant believe this crap , cant microsoft do anything right first time, they betta fix this, oh i was so exited all F*cking day :(

  6. Mykey P says:

    i bought it and have problems too, it is a rip off thou, how can u charge 1200points for 5maps when 2 of them were old ones…… what did they have to do? ill tell you …. copy…And paste, wtf

  7. Ryannns says:

    I really hope they fix it soon!

  8. gmk says:

    WTF !! i have downloaded the map pack & the update and now its all fubar . freezing all over the place my xbox has lost its sound .??

  9. Ray says:

    is it fixed yet

  10. Pat says:

    Microsoft and Activision screwed us for 1200 points and this crap doesn't even work. WTF? Don't release it if it's not ready. Asshats.

  11. Britishmade says:

    1200?????? they are taking the piss im tellin ya for 3 bloody maps? fk me wasnt it enough to buy the game i mean what happened to 800 points?? think about how many people are buying this pack you selfish prix

  12. adam deltoro says:

    not for nothing it should be a big problem. many people can't even play modern warfare 2. even if they didn't download the stimulas pack . I own 2 360 and one i downloaded the map pack and the other no.. 2 diffrent gamertags. mine and my nephews and boy I can get online for nothing to play another game.. but for the amount of money for 3 maps not including the 2 old ones that I have from my other modernwarfare games. Something has to give here.. we need some kind of compensation give us 600 microsoft credits……. for the anoying wait and since 7:45 am eastern time..

  13. be patient says:

    guys be patient ffs… your all talking about this being a rip off and cant get a little download to work he says??? it may be a little download to 1 person but were talkin LITERALLY millions of people downloading off infinity ward and XBL marketplace at the same time… the servers are going to be all over the place and its gonna cause errors as it has…. the said they are workin on it so be patient and wait, play the original maps and stop gettin worked up over 5 new maps for a video game lmfao!! get a life people

    • Cypher1ord says:

      you can’t even play the normal maps now because of the updates. Thats why many people are frustrated, plus it costs 1200 microsoft points.

  14. Frustrated Customer says:

    yea my box is freezing and I cant connect to any matches. efff you IW/Microsoft! first you overcharge for a map pack then it doesnt work??!!!!??!

  15. Scott says:

    1200 ms points for 3 new maps and 2 "copy and paste" maps is certainly a rip off, especially when you've already bought COD MW, and the map pack that was released for that title, they should have released a patch that could have let tou use that map pack with your MW2 game. As for the fact its not working, they should have put back the release date if there was gonna be teething problems!!!!

  16. Chris says:

    Sweet, finally downloaded the map pack, now I can’t do anything. Can’t connect to games, xbox freezes.. BRILLIANT! Just what I wanted to spend 30 mins wages on!

  17. adam gg says:

    its up guys and its workin fine jus got mine 5 mins ago awsome

  18. Stibba says:

    Why can I stil not play MW2 online

  19. shaun says:

    I hate Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2! Worst game ever!

  20. jason says:

    u have to search for the map packs at ps store type in modern warefare 2 3rd one down enjoy

  21. Willie Lopez says:

    I paid for the stimulus pakage for my PS3 and downloaded it . And it does not work or sincronize with my PS3.

  22. Eralp says:

    I have the same problem with Willie Lopez. I downloaded stimulus map pack for MW2 but it doesn't work. When I open the maps menu I see the new map line but I cant select it. Please help if you have any solution or comment.



  23. kyle says:

    i have a ps3 n everytime i download the new maps it isnt allowing me to play the stimulus maps, i have made sure the right disc ID is correct n cant think of anything else to do?

  24. Waldo says:

    im sry to say this and i know its useless but i also downloaded the pack on my ps3 and did everything and it is still not working!!
    any solutions anyone???

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