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YouTube Funny Dog Videos: 10 of the best

March 29, 2022 | Peter Chubb


YouTube Funny Dog Videos: 10 of the best

There is no denying the phenomenon of YouTube, the idea of creating funny videos and uploading them onto the net for millions to see is fantastic. There have certainly been some funny videos uploaded over the years, but it is the dog ones that make us laugh most.

Do not get us wrong, most animal videos are funny, but most people seem to warm to our four-legged friends the most. With the huge amount of funny dog videos available it is a hard task to find 10 of the best – but Mashable has done it, and you will like what they have come up with.

There is one video of a dog riding a bike, another was with a dog being teased with cupcakes, just watch the eyes. The finniest has to be of a dog sleepwalking, it is just hilarious.

Take a look at all ten now and let us know what you thought. If you think there are any funnier ones on YouTube, then please let us know.

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