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Social Media Stress and how to avoid it

March 28, 2022 | Peter Chubb

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Social Media Stress and how to avoid it

When the Internet took off not many of us were connected to it - now a number of years down the line, most of us struggle to go a day without using it. We used to feel privileged about gaining access to the Internet from home, now we can surf the net from our cell phones. There is no denying that computers are a main cause of stress, and many of us who now use the next big thing – Social Media are finding new ways of becoming stressed.

There are those out there who spend all of their time on social networking sites- with many of them becoming overwhelmed by what it has to offer. However, there are so many ways to avoid stress, you just need to know how.

Thankfully, NewswireDaily are on hand to offer four tips about making your whole social media life a wise one and not a stressful one.

  • (1) Take Time to Disconnect: If you feel that you are starting to get frustrated, then just walk away grab a drink, have something to eat or take a walk.
  • (2) Breathe: Remember to take full deep breathes; this can often have a calming effect.
  • (3) Eat Food that Adds Energy: Eating unhealthy food while sitting at a computer can often make you feel tired. So just eat healthy food and drink plenty of water.
  • (4) Awaken the Body: Move: Remember to keep moving; do not stay in the same place for long periods of time. It is good for the mind and soul if you take up Yogo.

These tips will certainly help you on your way to avoiding social media stress.

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  1. Thanks for these suggestions. It's good to take off-the-days-take a walk, read a book, talk in person to friends. Interesting that we have to make a point to do that!

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