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Social Media Marketing benefits: Talking to the customer

Social Media Marketing benefits: Talking to the customer

Although many of us still think of Social Media Marketing as a new frontier, it’s really got a full head of steam now and many businesses would benefit from making it one of their major business tools. All the talk at one time may have been on Twitter, Facebook etc., for social networking, but now the emphasis is firmly on social media as part of a business strategy.

At one time businesses barely knew their customers, but this is a way of really interacting with consumers and gaining feedback on what they really want, and what your business needs to improve on. One such business who is using it to their advantage is Bramble Berry and Otion, a soap making industry run by Anne-Marie Faiola.

She’s used blog posts and also YouTube “TV” episodes to promote her business and has seen a direct association with the impression made on sales from a product mentioned on a blog for instance. The overall sales for Faiola’s companies, even amidst the recession, have been 29% year-over-year. She sees social media as a boon in talking to customers, and finding out what they’re thinking and says, “I miss my customers and this (social media), has become a way to connect with them again”.

Through talking to customers on blogs, Facebook and Twitter she’s finding it a profitable way to do business, with one of her customers for example, thinking of a new product idea, the “soap tractor”, which the company then put into practice. Talking to customers has always been an important factor in business, but today it’s even more important. Instead of technology removing consumer contact it seems to be that the reverse has happened, which can only be a good thing, for both the consumer and business. We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on social media marketing so why not let us know?


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