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Ashton and Demi’s Child Slavery Campaign and Social Media Role

March 27, 2022 | Tina Chubb
Ashton and Demi’s Child Slavery Campaign and Social Media Role

Hollywood celebrities Ashton Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore have recently launched a social and global campaign, to raise awareness about child slavery in Haiti. The goal of the campaign is to completely ban the “restavec” system that is reportedly promoting it.

In a recent interview with, the couple explained exactly what it going on in the earthquake-devastated country, as well as what they hope to accomplish through their campaign. They also explained ways that people can use social media, to spread their word.

There’s a system in Haiti known as “restavec,” in which a child is sent to work as a domestic servant with a host family, by his or her parents. This is usually because the parents feel that their child will have a better quality of life, if they give him or her up to another family.

But Ashton and Demi strongly believe that the system is just slavery, but with a different name. The couple are now taking to the social web, to spread their message. They both believe that platforms such as Mashable, Facebook and Twitter will help get the message across.

You can read more about this and see a list of sites, via the link above.

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