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Why Social Media (Twitter, Facebook) Is Great for Small Businesses

March 26, 2022 | Jamie Pert


Why Social Media (Twitter, Facebook) Is Great for Small Businesses

It seems as if each day there is a new way to build your businesses success by using social media to your advantage, a recent article posted on PunchNG raises some interesting points, these points really show why all small businesses should consider a social networking strategy.

The great thing about social media and social networking is that it lets you give out simple short message quickly and easily to your target audience, because of the short nature of the message potential customers are very likely to read it, especially when compared to long blog posts etc. also if a reader is interested in what you are talking about they will probably check out further details by following the link which you included in your tweet.

One thing which is great about social media and social networking is that sites such as Twitter and Facebook are completely free to sign-up to, this means that businesses can gain ‘free advertising’, which could prove to be more valuable than high-cost advertising (as it is only being viewed by people who have previously shown interest in your businesses social network).

If you check out Alexa’s current statistics you will see that Facebook is the second most visited website in the world today, also Twitter comes 12th in the list, this shows just how many potential customers there are out there that could become followers/fans of your social profile, there is no other free advertising solution out there which could reach out to so many people and businesses.

For further reasons as to why small businesses should use social media check out the link below.

Source: PunchNG

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  1. Faria Madhumita says:

    This aricle has mentioned Facebook dont charge for advertisements. But I think it should start charging for such advertisements because already it is full of fake advertisements as well. So after a while, people will no more be interested to look at those adversitsements at the right corner of their profile. Everytime i look at them, i find it fake ad. so i ignore them now. To be effective in in providing ads, facebook should charge because this way they can get rid of those unwanted fake advertisements that people make for fun only.

  2. Alimashuri says:

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    Next on example the best Choise is the best from strategy Marketing,!

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