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Twitter to Facebook: Social media in the workplace


A few years ago nobody had ever heard of Social Media and yet now its part of the workplace, just as much as the coffee machine. Managers are having to confront the reality of Facebook, Twitter and the like, and more than likely realise they have to accept the fact it’s happening. Small business owners are suggesting awareness of social media at work, and this means guidelines for appropriate behaviour.

Chris Boudreaux, a product development specialist, helps business leaders to manage corporate social media policies and says, “You’re really in a position where you need to help these people … rather than fight the tide”, but stresses that businesses have to protect themselves against social media abuse.

An alarming case recently occurred at the Domino’s Pizza restaurant chain after employees at one of its branches filmed a prank, full of health code infringements and posted it on YouTube, hugely denting Domino’s public image. However Boudreaux feels that the benefits of using social media to influence marketing and sales development outweigh any potential disadvantage.

The CEO of Bonobos, an online store selling men’s pants, Andy Dunn positively encourages the use of social media tools, and doesn’t worry unduly about staff spending time on Facebook etc., as it soon becomes clear if somebody is not working properly due to lack of results. He said, “We communicate with our customers on Twitter and Facebook all the time”. Do you run a small business and if so maybe you’re starting to recognise the benefits of using social media at work? Why not let us know your thoughts on this.


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