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Social Media Marketing: Coca Cola vs. Pepsi Refresh

Social Media Marketing: Coca Cola vs. Pepsi Refresh

It’s interesting to take a look at Social Media marketing strategy and see how 2 of the largest companies in the world compare when using it. The companies concerned are Pepsi Refresh and Coca-Cola. The report used the 2 Twitter accounts they thought most active, which were: @Pepsi “Your direct line to the Pepsiverse2”, linking to the Pepsi Refresh project website, and @CocaCola, the “Official tweets of Coke & The Coca-Cola Company”, linking to the official Coca-Cola company website.

If we first take a look at Twitter viral marketing results it appears that Pepsi are presently ahead, mostly perhaps because of aggressive Tweeting going on at the SXSW convention recently. However it seems that the viral Tweeting had little actual market impact. Over at Coca-Cola however it was even harder to find any viral marketing success at all.

At the time of compiling the article, by Scott Moir of Irbtrax, looking at Tweet statistics, again Pepsi have the advantage over Coca-Cola, with Pepsi sending out 1155 Tweets, following 25,205 accounts and 23,789 followers, while Coca-Cola sent out 3224 Tweets, following 9332 accounts and 18,704 followers. We can see that although Pepsi have sent out only around a third of the Tweets of Coca-Cola, they actually have more followers, largely due to the fact that Pepsi follow far more accounts, so the hard work they put in has gained them the advantage.

The summary of the report concludes amongst other things that both companies have Social Media marketing Twitter as a low priority, but that there is enough evidence to suggest that both of them could see significant gains by utilizing it more. We wonder if either company will now grab the opportunity to make the most out of Social Media marketing. The race is on!

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Pepsi and Coca Cola are strongly involved in Social Media on many levels. They both are very active on Facebook. In fact, Coke has over 5,200,000 ‘fans’. Additionally, both companies are engaged in promotions that encompass the very spirit of Social Media. Which is sharing, caring, interactivity, viral marketing, expendiency, and real time. Coca Cola has long been engaged with and Pepsi launched the widely heralded

Thanks, Scott Moir- Irbtrax

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  1. roy says:

    what coca cola did to stop the union from coming in

  2. Pepsi is the cooler brand (and better drink). :)

  3. Rohit says:

    what Pepsi cooling milions mouth ever Coca cola did

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