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Google Maps Street View populated by avatars

[ 0 ] March 26, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We’ve heard of an online realm with the title of Project X which sounds like a fascinating plan. Micazook, a company that attempts to bring reality to online virtual worlds, has come up with Project X (working title), which will attempt to bring the design of Second Life and overlay it across the real world.

The way to imagine it is as Google Maps Street view inhabited by avatars. Micazook has acquired high- resolution imagery from various parts of the world, put it together with locations of roads, and this is the base for their virtual world. It’s an intriguing idea whereby avatars on the ground will have to build up the structures. Michael Fotoohi, managing director of Micazook said, “We like people to come and build Earth”.

It’s an ambitious plan from Fotoohi, as virtual worlds are not popular in the same way as they once were and it’s a project the company has had difficulty financing but the company has ideas for making it pay. For example sales of virtual property or goods may have a transaction tax of 30%, or alternatively people could pay $4.99 a month to own a building.

There’ll be moderators employed to protect standards, with more taken on from users who do well with the building, and it’ll be a exciting to see who ends up owning places such as the White House and Trump Towers, as in Project X anyone will be able to become their owners. Project X will rely on a plug-in and the beta will be launched with the cities of Washington D.C., Los Angeles and New York. For more details on this go to What do you think of Project X and do you think you’d be interested in joining the building of this virtual world?

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