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Follow Friday on Twitter: What is it?

March 26, 2022 | Peter Chubb


Today is Friday, which means that it is Twitter Friday, and for those who are still new to this social media phenomenon you will not have any idea what this is all about.

Every Friday, you will notice that Twitter is packed full of tweets with the hashtag #followfriday – followed by a list of users @twitterid @twitterid @twitterid or a Twitter as well as a promotional tweet on themselves.

Squidoo aims to explain what the pint of Twitter Friday is, and asks should you be taking part? Not all people can take part in this weekly event; it is only for those with quality people following them.

Other followers will recommend users who help to promote the micro-blogging site in a good way, by offering valuable information to them. So if you are a spammer, chances are you will never get recommended.

Do you take part in Follow Friday on Twitter?

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