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Twitter Spam Decreased: Increased vigilance and filtering

March 24, 2022 | Peter Chubb


Twitter Spam Decreased: Increased vigilance and filtering

Spam has been a huge problem for so many of us, especially those of us on social media sites such as Twitter. Thankfully the micro-blogging website announced that spam numbers have dropped by 3 percent each day.

Attacks from Spam have been a pain for most of us; in its worst period volumes reached almost 10 percent of users in August 2009. Thankfully Twitter was able to counter this problem.

MX Logic explains that Twitter understand that they will never be able to eliminate spam altogether from its site, but they do ask users if they can help get the numbers down. All users need to do is keep on top of those following them, and report any account that keeps sending them spam.

Spam is not Twitter’s only problem - phishing attacks is another. But if users frequently change their passwords, then this will not be a problem. If you ever get an email saying “Dear User”, then delete it right away. Read more on what to do in our recent article.

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  1. Mark T says:

    Very simple. Twitter seems to suspend accounts left, right and centre. Whilst the official version is claiming to reduce spamming – whytwitter sources show and say different.

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