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Facebook and Twitter: Social Media Source for Paparazzi

March 24, 2022 | Peter Chubb
Facebook and Twitter: Social Media Source for Paparazzi

Most celebrities will tell you that they never follow all the gossip on the Internet, so why do they feel the need to update their Facebook status or take to Twitter? Sandra Bullock is a fine example; we do not want to say nothing negative about her, as she is considered one of the kindest people in Hollywood.

However we were baffled to learn that when she split from hubby Jesse James, she updated her page on social media site Facebook.

Questions are now being asked if celebrities should update their social media page, as it will make it much easier for paparazzi to get more details on them? The All Facebook website wonders how much these stars should share on social media?

Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are raising so many questions, such as should celebrities try to protect themselves from a new kind of paparazzi? Could they try to hack Facebook accounts to get that all-important story?

These are all valid questions; ones that we hope our readers will answer for us.

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  1. irenefabo says:

    I feel sorry for the emotional roller coaster ride that Ms.Bullock is on. We are taught by counsellor in shelters to spot the signs in our relationships but its usually after the fact. The truth is we are not men and women but human beings who are no different. We all want to be loved and need the trust and respect of our partners. They expect the same from us. You cant show sensitivity and careing for another persons feelings or thoughts and give your trust of intimate details and commitment in life unless you have self respect and live your life on the right path. Sex with several partners shows lust and a path of self destruction in a relationship. It shows a lack of self-esteem and self respect. Until you like and respect yourself you cannot show it to others.

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