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Social Media Marketing Strategy: Facebook or Twitter?

[ 7 ] March 23, 2022 | Jamie Pert

Social Media Marketing Strategy: Facebook or Twitter?

Most social media marketing strategies these days usually involve either the use of Facebook or Twitter, however it is currently unclear as to which site is more effective, a recent article looks into the benefits and drawbacks associated with both sites, we will highlight some of the main points raised in this post.

Just before posting the results of the recent investigation we will talk about how the information was found, Jazzou’s article used user feedback, trend monitoring, dummy Facebook accounts, dummy Twitter accounts and 3rd party platforms to get a fair analysis of both social media marketing solutions.

In terms of traffic and user metrics Facebook came out on top, this is mainly due to the sheer traffic which Facebook received (which is now more visited in the U.S. than Google).

In terms of viral marketing benefits Twitter was said to have the advantage, one partial aid to this is Google’s ‘Real Time’ search feature as it features keyword phrase search which can display tweets.

It was no real surprise to hear that Facebook came out on top in terms of ‘effective website traffic’, ‘Social Media interactivity’, ‘direct Internet communication’ and ‘Business to Consumer Marketing’, however Twitter was deemed to be better for market research and business to business marketing.

To conclude both Facebook and Twitter have their advantages for different circumstances and different businesses, if you want to have a closer relationship with your customers Facebook seems to have the edge, however for large corporate business it seems as if Twitter possibly has the edge, for fully detailed information check out the link at the end of this post.

I believe to get the best of both world’s why not use both sites, as they both cover quite different users, do you agree?

Source: Jazzou


When I originally posted the article I suggested that the article was written by Jazzou, however it was just infact written by Scott Moir representing

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  1. Mikey says:

    This is a great post. I definitely agree that both Twitter and Facebook have their own advantages. Facebook allows you to do a lot more an you can with Twitter, but this is not to say Twitter is less effective. When you are using social media it's important to test your online marketing campaigns and choose which ones yield the best results.

    Many business owners are unclear exactly what social media is and how to use it… this is why many businesses fail at social media. Remember at the end of the day you want to create a dialogue with your customers. If you have three minutes watch this YouTube video, outlining what social media is and isn't:

    Great article and full of useful information.


  2. Scott Moir says:

    Hello. I'm the author of the original article- Scott Moir. It can be found here:

    I would greatly appreciate if you mentioned my name or my company's name: Irbtrax
    Jazzou is not the author. "Jazzou's article".

    Additionally, the paraphrasing is inaccurate. (which is now more visited in the U.S. than Google). Facebook isn't more visited than Google. That occured on a couple Holidays and a couple days in March. And even that's still up for debate because the study that cited that might not have included other Google owned functions. It didn't clarify if they were speaking about visits to or all of Google's services, features, and bookmarks.

    Scott Moir

  3. I think both Facebook and Twitter have their pros and cons and whilst a social media marketing campaign may work on one of the platforms, it may not work for another business, on the same platform.

    It just depends on your marketing objectives and the industry you are in which is where knowledge and experience with social media comes in, for businesses, it's often worthwhile speaking to a social media consultant to implement your social media strategy.

  4. I definitely agree on this post. This is very useful article.

  5. It is not only about Facebook and Twitter, but also about engaging in conversations on other sites/blogs/forums/portals as highlighted in the article "Social Media: Are Twitter and Facebook Best?" at

    Social Steve

  6. Cloud Net says:

    Like the post and indeed social media cannot be ignored, especially for generating new business, but there is so much hype around it that small businesses are not making the most of it, are just not finding the time to use it or are confused as to which vehicle to use.
    At Cloud Net we just conducted a survey into what technologies small companies are using to generate new business and what the drawbacks are to using social media more. Here it is:

  7. Mink says:

    This is a great article and there are tons of people talking about facebook and twitter. But no one talks about meetup. Personally i think its the best media site to promote yourself and build your business, within the local community of course.

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