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Brands in Social Media: 10 Tips

March 23, 2022 | Jamie Pert

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Brands in Social Media: 10 Tips

If you are still learning how to use social media to your brand’s advantage this post may be a great help, thanks to AdvertisingAge’s recent article (link further down this page) we have a list of essential rules for Brands using Social Media.

In this post we will highlight what we feel are the best points raised in AdvertisingAge’s article, however for their fully detailed and insightful article here.

One rule which is mentioned is being dubbed ‘The 1% Rule’, this rule basically states that there will be a very small percentage of your visitors who are influential users, these users could in-turn generate an additional 20%-50% of site traffic, therefore marketers should “identify and engage” with these influential users, and perhaps reward or at least recognize their efforts.

Another rule is being dubbed ‘The New Media/New Pipes Rule’, this rule basically says that an individual saying something about your brand is far more valuable then you saying about your own brand. People are much more likely to trust what an individual is saying about a brand, therefore perhaps look into promoting this behavior to your fans and/or followers.

Finally we will talk about ‘The Feed the Fire Rule’, this rule is basically saying that all of your content should offer easy sharing, therefore tweet and FBShare buttons etc are a must, the more links pointing to your page the more likely people are to find it, also try to tweet and post content relevant to your brand.

As mentioned above check out the link below for ’10 Essential Rules for Brands in Social Media’.

Source: Adage

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