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Twitter used to confirm MW2 map pack 1 and double XP weekend

[ 62 ] March 22, 2022 | Tina Chubb

If you are an Xbox 360 owner and you have the “Modern Warfare 2” game, then we have some exciting news for you. Robert Bowling recently announced via his Twitter account, that there will be a double XP weekend very soon, to mark the release of the very first DLC map pack 1.

According to a recent report at, the DLC – which is titled “Stimulus Pack” – will reportedly go live on the Xbox Marketplace on March 30th. The pack will apparently contain five maps, three of those being brand new maps and two old maps from “Call of Duty 4.”

The double XP weekend will then begin on Friday 2nd April, and last until Monday April 5th. So if you are after reaching the next level or prestige badge, then that would be the ideal time to. Double XP weekend sounds great, but only if you own an Xbox 360. Let us know your thoughts.

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Comments (62)

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  1. ron says:

    this is pretty gay that they would not release it on ps3 too just because we manage our money and choose not to pay 60 dollars for a gane and another 50 for the online when there a system where can get it for free is just unfair and definitely show what activsion put first the MONEY!!!!

    • mike says:

      They are a business, what else would they be interested in? I'm guessing you ar a liberal

    • Alex says:


    • Chris says:

      yo dude its not as much as u think 50 bucks is for 12 months so that would be like 4 bucks a month and unless ur homeless u shuld be able to afford that

    • Tim says:

      I think its kinda gay that you own a ps3 but I"m not gettin all angry about it. Ps3 gamers get the new Final Fantasy game on one disc compared to 3 on xbox so its not all bad news

  2. Alfredo says:

    Manage money.?? Ps3 users or Sony.? Sony is lossing money each time they make a ps3. Xbox live gives you a ton of more things than the ps3 network. That’s why we pay for it. And don’t forget that the best things are not free.! Wonder what Internet service you are using.?! Lol

    Well I’m glad to hear these news can’t wait.! Gamertag:Fredster06

  3. j_c says:

    it will be released on ps3 in april so theres like hardly any time difference.
    there will also be double xp on ps3 obviously.

  4. TrsDevil says:

    I don’t have a problem waitin’ for the map packs to hit the PSN, by the time it does get to the PSN half of the Xboxs that got the map packs 30 days earlier will fall victim to the deadly red ring of death! Its so funny how everyone labels Sony as the ‘evil’ cooperation when for 5 years now Microsoft keeps on screwing their followers by not making the Xbox consoles more reliable, we live in 2010 not 1999, you really honestly think that Microsoft can’t solve this’red ring’ garbage out yet? Fools for buying the Xbox! Yes! I do realize that the PS3 has its problems too but …not as bad as the Xbox!

  5. TrsDevil says:

    Oh and the price, some are gonna dry about $15 dollars and the fact thath Battlefield has’ free maps and that’s their better maps then MW2 and waa waa waaa!’ Listen don’t get that deluxe McDonalds breakfast, have a bagel and juice at home, bam! $7.96 saved! Don’t get that whopper combo meal, eat a sandwich at home, bam! $6.49 saved, guess what you almost got enough for the map packs, its that easy! You just gonna poop those 2 meals out in 2 days …I hope, these map packs are gonna entertain you and challenge you for weeks, months, even years! Ain’t playing believe me! Psn;TrsDevil clantag;GLOK, MW2 come get some!!

  6. Scottfeeney says:

    I agree that Microsoft can fix the problem it's very simple. And I don't mind waiting for map packs either so what's the big problem

    pan = feeney-is-legend

  7. XBOX LVR says:

    Xbox is worth the money. i have both PS3 and Xbox. The xbox gives so much more content and is alwayes getting new shit daily.. The PS3 owner will alwayes say they like PS3 better 500$ to get a free wirless adapter with consol? Is that what you base this on? No lemme guess, BlueRay?? lol guys, pawn the PS3 and get an xbox. Even you guys know its WAAAYYYY better

    • Oh yeah, while your pulling the PS3 to pieces think about this, the eggbox360 sorry i mean Xbox360 has cheap sh*tty dvd games that scratch everytime you put one in the console meaning you need to buy the same game every so often (so it works), where as the PS3 (super computer) has Blu-ray discs that dont scratch. it has built in wireless, built in re-chargeable batt in controller (because we live in 2010 not 1020), and it is stated to last approx 10 years. the name of the Xbox360 says it all, the life span of this console is 360 days (if your lucky). Also this year the PS3 will be 3D, so what has microsoft spent their money on oh' yeah timed exclusivity on the MW2 map pack way to go Bill. PLEASE NOTE THIS: YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE FULL CAPABILITY OF THE PS3 CONSOLE, IT IS WAY FAR AHEAD THAN ANY OTHER WANNABE CONSOLE OUT THERE. SONY WAS BUILDING CONSOLES WHEN MICROSOFT WAS STILL RIPPING PEOPLE OF WITH WINDOWS 98' MICROSOFT JUMP INTO EVERYTHING THROWING WADS OF MONEY ABOUT TO GET OTHER PEOPLE TO DO THEIR WORK, SONY CARE FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS THATS WHY THEY MAKE A LOSS ON EVERY CONSOLE THEY MAKE!!!!!!! RANT OVER.

  8. TrsDevil says:

    Xbox live offers ‘tons of other stuff’ like what? The misadventures of mr winterbottom? Oh yeah keep that shit! $50 a year? Map packs should be free! Suckers!

  9. JOJO says:

    aparently crash and downpour are going to be in map pack 1

  10. Franky says:

    its crash and overgrown not downpour

  11. MATT says:


  12. MATT says:


  13. tpen29 says:

    i really dnt mind waitin. if i paid 50 bucks 2 play i wud wnt it first 2! besides wen ps3 gets it there wont b any glitches

  14. Paul Ford says:

    A lot of people (including myself) have been saying xbox getting map pack 1 month b4 us ps3 users is really unfair, in all honestly it isnt, considering xbox users have to pay to play and ps3 dont, all we have to do is be patient enjoy the current maps for another month…

  15. Lickin N stikin says:

    i’m an owner of every console ever made… 360 is my fave. when you set your priorities straight in life you end up with this cool thing called MONEY. i have so much of it that i dont care about prices of 360. why dont you fat loser slobs put the controller down and get a job. then you’ll stop crying.

    • T666 says:

      What bout us people who got a ps3 when they had money to spend. I had been savin up three years to get mine. I'm gonna laugh when you lose ur job and can't afford the Internet on the 360

  16. obama says:

    Whats the big deal, you pay money per month to use internet. and don't tell me that you use your neighbors, or walmart. because the PS3 wireless adapter doesn't have that kind of range.

  17. Phonzi says:

    Haha, still haven't seen anyone big up the PC. Well here it is; I'm waiting for this to come out on PC because you should only play first-person shooters on a PC. Muff said

  18. Humpernator says:

    The only reason 360 gets the map packs 1st is because M$ pays for the exclusive release… End of conversation. When it comes to PS3 and PC, they’ll get the x2 XP weekend too.

  19. @spike_99 says:

    I have both a PS3 & an Xbox 360. the Xbox is way better. Any update you do on the PS3 takes for frickin' EVER to download. Then, wait, you're not done: now you gotta "install" the update & then reboot. Same goes for downloading demos: they take forever, then you gotta "install" them. On Xbox, most game updates don't require a reboot (the game itself just needs to be reloaded) and you can start your game right after it's finished downloading. Demos are ready to play as soon as they download: no waiting for the frickin' thing to get installed. Also, the online gaming experience is way better on Xbox Live: I don't mind paying $50/year for it. I hate the PS3.

    • stevieopilis says:

      what the hell ps3 reboot for updates or demos nope never u lie u dont even have a ps3 u just made ur self sound stupid

    • Harry says:

      wtf i have a ps3 and you dnt have to reboot. Also my mate has a 360 worse graphics and the online is the same as ps3 accept u pay £40 more

  20. xbox lover says:

    cut the crap basically PS3 is SHIT
    and xbox RULES

    • The 515 x says:

      well too be honest i think all u ps3 people should stop crying and get out ur house for abit. we pay for our live so we should get the map pack first.
      all u ps3 people are quite pikey crying about a shitty game, why not go out and get a life??

      The 515 x

      • No1Uknow says:

        thats got to be the most sterotypical comeback ive seen, and for some reason i keep seein it.

        So since i make 80k a year and i decided to buy the ps3, i need to get a job?

        get real dude.

      • No1Uknow says:

        thats got to be the most sterotypical comeback ive seen, and for some reason i keep seein it.

        So since i make 80k a year and i decided to buy the ps3, i need to get a job?

        get real dude.

  21. Matthew says:

    The gaming PC could see off both the s***box and its Sony conterpart, the PC is also going to be getting 3D games soon, lets see the DX 9 console match that.

    Gaming PC Rules.

  22. Liam says:

    PC had better graphics if ur comp cand handle it but has more hackers, Ps3 has better graphics than xbox but is expensive. Xbox is the best hands down for online play buut honestly the graphics are terrible :( and both consoles have aim assist, PC doesnt. Apparently there were new guns and camo’s but maybe not.. I heard hints of leopard camo.

  23. earl says:

    xbox all the way who cares if you have to pay 50$ for xbox live why dont you get a job. i ask every one which is beter xbox ps3 when any body says ps3 they say it is because it has blue ray when t hen you have to go buy a movie for 30$ any way so what is the point

  24. James says:

    Have ps3 and xbox ps3 way better sgot xbox with a bb gun

  25. your mom says:

    XBOX is waaaaaaaaay better. who cares abouts 50$ extra. more features are on xbox. GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Zane says:

    I have had a Xbox 360, and a PS3. And to be perfectly honest, they both suck. The only REAL system for games these days is the PC. It makes all the arguments you guys are having pointless.

  27. Pete says:

    this is going to be amazing they come out at 12.00 today i wonder what the new game types are going to be like

  28. DJDAVE210 says:

    xbox owners have not had the pleasure of playing the ps3 exlusives like mgs4 and others i cant remember i mean sure u get decent stuff on the xbox but i dont like the idea of paying £34 every year when i can play online for free plus the controls on the ps3 r much simpler so i dont see the point of argueing playstation has always beaten its rivals.

    • Sexbox690 says:

      Dgay dave, how are the controls better? Both controllers have the same layout but the xbox fits in your hand more comfortably and the trigger buttons are used as a trigger so ours are more logical too, stop talkin out ur arse

  29. DJDAVE210 says:

    xbox owners have never had the pleasure of playin ps3 exclusives like mgs4 for example it was an amazing game unlike the crappy xbox exclusives like banjo kazooie plus playstation has always beaten its rivals

  30. PSN:Scotty1228 says:

    I have a PS3 and i like both systems but prefer PlayStation, no big reason, Xbox has a few better exclusive games, like halo for example, i hate halo, but thats my opinion, MAG exclusive on PlayStation sucked really bad. Stop whining like little girls, i'm sure all of you people on this website don't know each other so go send your problems to the leader of your country, thats what their for

  31. Shawn Smith says:

    Agreed, i have a ps3 because ive been a playstation fan forever. I hate the fact u have to pay for xbox live and i hate the xboxs fat *** controller IMO. I realize they both have their pros and cons. no reason for u to dawg on ps3. " Oh my lord Xbox has Exclusives!!" Oh my Jesus! It Has better gameplay. good im glad get ur ass off here and go play then.

  32. LewisOElite says:

    activision is a games company and all there trying to do is make money so why moan that they don't care about the gamers OF COURSE THEY DO without them there would be no activision

  33. xXxRaPiidZxX says:

    I Personaly prefere the xbox over the ps3 for online play, I dont know why i just find it better and more of my mates have a xbox, but if i wanted to play a game single player i would chose a ps3 because it has better graphics. :)

  34. darren says:

    OH MAY GOD wots up with u lot…. x box … ps3.. so wot .. play them …….love them…….hate them….. who cares …….its just a game ……..
    do u know there is kids out there that are staveing…….. so just pay your money love wot every console u have and stop moaning ……………

  35. jon boy says:

    wow i see thers a 360 fan boy thing going on here lol i have both ps3 is far better and as for this "YOU GET MORE WITH 360" hows that well my 360 must be differant to yours cz i play on psn most the time the only time i go on live is wen 1 of my friends wants me two

  36. muthafncka says:

    lol…xbox is definately not better…only these spoilt brats who seem to think 50$ is nothing wud say that! if u ask me thats quite a lot of money to pay every year, especially wen u hav to pay 60$ for every game you buy. Also what extra content? In the UK u get an free online TV service on the PS3, u can wirelessly connect to the internet without a wireless adapter, I pay about £8 a month for my internet for the whole house, not just my ps3.

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