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Social Media Tools: Making the most out of them

Social Media Tools: Making the most out of them

For years experts have been advising us that the best way to find a job is by pulling yourself away from your computer and getting out. However, one expert said that although this is true – you should make the most out of social media and the tools that come with it.

This was not part of the advice even one-year ago, but Star-Ledger Guest Columnist, Lee Miller has said that the likes of Twitter and Facebook have changed so much that people should use social networking to promote their skills that they have to others who also use the service.

The proven way of getting out and talking to friends who then talks to theirs about the skills that you have was always a great way to secure a job. But the amount of people that you know on these social media sites allows you to connect to a greater number of other people than you could ever imagine.

Miller does not want to discourage people from getting out and talking to people, that can never be beaten, but social media is now an important tool in finding a job – even businesses are getting in on the action. A huge portion of their digital advertising budget is now set aside for social, media, which was highlighted at the recent Social Media Worldwide Forum.

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