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Realtors: Future of social networking and home buying

March 22, 2022 | Peter Chubb


Realtors: Future of social networking and home buying

When buying a home, we rely so much on out real estate agent but with the ever-growing popularity of social media, how realtors work is about to change. If you are in the market for purchasing a home in the future, then visiting social networking sites will be part of that process.

One company has already planned in advance for when that day comes, Ed and Terri Smith of Re/Max Coastal Properties started their Twitter page back in 2009 – which they have already seen the benefit from. The Smith’s told TMCnet that Twitter is a very powerful tool when it comes to promoting their property that they are trying to sell.

The pair does admit that things have been a little slow on Twitter for them, but they know that a huge social media explosion in this area will come soon, and they are poised to reap the benefits from it. This can be used in so many ways, such as giving Ed and Terri feedback about a property that they have seen, or are interested in.

Twitter and other social media sites is about to kick off big time for businesses, many companies have already started planning for this. This will be seen as the most cost effective way of getting their brand out their, imagine getting your add seen by the 400 million Facebook users. The future of social media is almost here, but are we all ready for it?

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  1. I think we have been ready for it. TV, Radio and Pay Per Click have enjoyed a good run but with the evolution of blogging and a downturn in the economy there is no better ROI than becoming Social Media active through the existing Social Networks. As a lender I am doing my share to give free webinars to RE Agents that want to get started with blogging. It has been said many times over, "Advertising is a luxury while content(blogging) is survival".

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