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March Madness 2010: NCAA basketball live streaming hits a record

March Madness 2010: NCAA basketball live streaming hits a record

March 22, 2022 | Tina Chubb

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As we’ve previously mentioned, it’s NCAA men’s college basketball tournament time – or March Madness as it’s also known – and it looks like the online streaming initiative from NCAA and CBS Sports is already picking up massive numbers.

According to a report at, 3.4 million hours of audio/video were streamed online by 3 million unique visitors, just on the first day. Of course those staggering numbers, mean that the online viewership is already up 20% from last year.

Not everyone can get to watch it on television, and it looks like a lot of people have no problem watching it while they are at work. And the “Boss Button” – a one-click option that allows you to hide your guilty pleasure – has received 1.7 million clicks.

The most-watched game via March Madness on Demand so far, is the Florida vs. BYU game. The game in question was streamed for a total of 521,000 hours across all online viewers. That figure is 50% more than last year’s top-streamed day one game.

All the impressive figures just prove the growing popularity in watching live events online. And it’s not just sports that are proving popular online either. Online streaming is proving popular in other areas such as the Grammys red carpet event.


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