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Kellogg is launching a social media auctioning site

Kellogg is launching a social media auctioning site

It looks as if Kellogg’s are looking to jump on the social media bandwagon by launching their own social media auctioning site, this site will allow participants to bid on prizes using chocolate chunks.

The site works in conjunction with Facebook, if users upload photos showing Kellog’s Krave breakfast cereal they can be award with chocolate chunks, these chocolate chunks can be used as currency on the recently launched

If you are unable to upload photos you can instead just feature Krave in your Facebook status, so far prizes have included iTunes vouchers, drum kits and even festival tickets.

To be honest I think this is a very clever markeing strategy for Kellog’s, not only does it reward loyal customers, but it also creates a ‘buzz’ on Facebook thus increasing their social media profile.

Have you or your children used yet?

Source: MarketingMagazine

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