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iPhone: Augmented Reality is changing the way we do things

March 22, 2022 | Peter Chubb

The way, in which we read magazines, view sport or even the way we conduct our business is about to change forever, these are the views of Charles Arthur. This is thanks to new technology called Augmented Reality and will become a standard feature on the Apple iPhone and other smartphones.

The Guardian explains how cool it would be if one day your business card will use augmented reality – with you having a choice of design or even design your very own business card. More details on this can be seen at

These cards will then come to life when viewed through a webcam – much like London Fashion Week tried out just recently. They had barcode symbols on their shirts – once viewed through a webcam they come to life.

It is the smartphones and computers that will benefit from AR the most, they can overlay onto real life, unlike on TVs. The best idea put forward is how the iPhone 3GS will be able to use its built in GPS to offer details on a location were you are at. We saw something like this a while back, where you are walking around a city and viewing it through your iPhone – information will then appear on the screen offering information such as underground stations etc.

For further details visit Guardian

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