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iPhone 4G: Sprint Beats Verizon and AT&T

March 22, 2022 | Peter Chubb

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iPhone 4G: Sprint Beats Verizon and AT&T

When it comes to the fastest mobile data network, Sprint wins that contest hands down with its 4G WiMAX service. AT&T and Verizon can only dream of offering their customers this fast service, but are still working hard on LTE, their WiMax equivalent.

This is sad news for iPhone owners, as they crave for more download speeds, but AT&T does not have an answer just yet. We know that there is an iPhone 4G coming out in the summer, but this only means that it is a 4-th generation smartphone from Apple and nothing else.

However, Sprint can take your current iPhone model and transform it in to a fully working 4G version. This is done with their Overdrive device, which Product-reviews reported last week.

All you need to do is use the Sierra Wireless Overdrive Router to connect to a 4G WiFi hotspot, which you can then sync with your iPhone. There you have it, a 3G iPhone converted to offer 4G speeds a year ahead of when an actual model will be available.

Have you had a chance to try the 4G router with your iPhone yet?

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  1. RALPH says:

    Yeah I got an overdrive and i think its going back. It's no faster than AT&Ts service and costs the same. I was getting about 2500 kbps downlink on wimax. I get 4500 on AT&Ts hspa network in hspa 7.2 areas, and about 2500 kbps in hspa 3.6 areas.

  2. laquisha says:

    wow i really like your new phone :)

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