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Google pull Google China: Rerouted to Hong Kong

March 22, 2022 | Jamie Pert
Google pull Google China: Rerouted to Hong Kong

We have recently heard that Google have finally pulled the plug on (Google China), this is because of a long term dispute between the two, if you check out now you will be rerouted to Google Hong Kong.

To be honest this wasn’t a huge shock as Google had already ceased censoring search results, this was in response to cyber attacks aimed at Google’s infrastructure, Google believed that China’s government were behind these attacks.

It doesn’t look as if will be coming back online anytime soon, especially as it looks as if the Chinese government are unwilling to negotiate with Google.

In one of our posts earlier today we stated that social networking in China was huge when compared to the UK and the US, I wonder if the closing down of will have a detrimental affect on social media and social networking in China, what do you think?

Source: Mashable

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