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Kate Middleton and social networking website Facebook

March 21, 2022 | Tina Chubb

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Kate Middleton and social networking website Facebook

Reports that surfaced online recently, which that Kate Middleton’s dog had eaten a pearl earring that was given to her by her long-term boyfriend Prince William, appears to have raised a few eyebrows among those in the royal circle.

Since then, a Sunday newspaper has been forced to issue a statement to confirm that it was indeed removing the made-up story from its website. But that incident has now brought light onto the ongoing saga, of the Royals’ quest for less intrusive press.

According to a report at, there have been suggestions that the dog story was leaked by sources that are close to 28-year old Kate, in a bid to try and flush out the person who’s been selling stories sourced from Facebook.

While Kate may not have an account on the social networking site herself, her younger brother James has and so do a great many of her friends. Unfortunately, the Royal family have no control over what friends of friends post on Facebook, MySpace etc.

Although you mostly have to be a friend of someone on Facebook to view their personal information and photo albums, not everyone opts for the stricter privacy settings. This means that anyone can see that person’s page as well as their friends’ pages.

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