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Social Media Marketing: Techniques and Twitter Tips

March 19, 2022 | Debbie Turner


Social Media Marketing: Techniques and Twitter Tips

If you’re looking for some tips and techniques to improve Social Media marketing then we have some great ones here to get you started in relation to Twitter, from SEO, a strategy firm. However many followers you have on your account, businesses and entrepreneurs who want to benefit from more viral marketing returns will find these useful.

First out is to seek out businesses that share mutual interests with yours as when you submit material they will be more likely to re-tweet or follow you back. Another good idea is to try to maintain the tweets on the home page to around 50:50 of original tweets to re-tweeting.

Another good point on the list from is not to just re-tweet automatically especially when you have nothing really to add, although of course if you never re-tweet this can also give a bad impression. Additionally if your tweets constantly fill the character allotment this can put people off, but at the same time be wary of too much unnecessary shortening.

For more ideas and tips see the full article on the link above. Used to its potential Twitter can create dividends for your business, spreading your news outwards and maximising your influence. Viral marketing is here to stay and can offer great possibilities for product and service recognition. How is your business adapting to Social Media marketing? Why not let us know?

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