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B2B: Social Media Tips

March 19, 2022 | Peter Chubb

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B2B: Social Media Tips

For those who wish to learn all about social media and the marketing aspects that go with it, then the B2B Marketing series is worth a read. This has been supported by the MarketingProfs B2B Forum, which you can register for.

Mashable have taken a long hard look on this subject, one that many business will be taking up – this was evident from the Social Media Worldwide Forum a few days back, where it was said that businesses will be using social media much more. Who would have though that something that was thought up as a bit of fun for people in their spare time would become a serious marketing platform for companies?

We as individuals use social media to market ourselves all the time, so why not business-to-business? There was a recent study that showed that 60 percent of B2B marketers are looking to increase their social networking spending on marketing.

We know that Twitter and Facebook are non-B2B, but they still offer great opportunities so should not count them out. The hardest part with marketing with social media is in its implementation, by visiting Mashable they offer the best tips to get your business the social media attention it deserves.

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  1. Not completely sure I agree with Twitter and Facebook not being B2B - their demographics have sponken and it's a lot easier to use these 2 platforms in a B2B SM campaign…As you probably already know that twitter does have a very extensive category catering to specific niches… B2B is P2P (people to people) if you adopt this concept then it's easier to do a SM campaign…
    You might be interested in some successful social media case studies over on the main B2B Website or similarly this will direct you straight to them - Really indepth and an overall worthy read if you want some additional tips because from these case studies you'll see that the theory behind SM has in fact been put into best practice

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