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Facebook and Twitter Activities Continue After Bedtime: STATS

March 18, 2022 | Debbie Turner

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Facebook and Twitter Activities Continue After Bedtime: STATS

It seems that more and more of us these days are intrigued with social media and an independent survey has recently gathered some interesting data from 1,000 people online about this. Many of us are obsessed with Facebook and Twitter and the survey reports that 48% of those polled look at them if they wake in the night, or the minute they wake up.

Of those people using social media who look at activity while in their beds, the most likely to do so are those using iPhones. Many also use the sites for news in the morning before they even switch on a TV.

Other data tells us that 56% of Facebook users check in once a day and 32% of social media users aren’t bothered about electronic messages arriving whilst eating. Another captivating, though not great to think of fact, is that 24% of 25’s and unders don’t mind receiving communications while on the lavatory. Who were these people in this survey!

More intriguing snippets are that 12% of people polled check in to Facebook every couple of hours, and proving the point that social media is more popular with the under 25’s is that 62% of people over 25 do object to electronic interruptions whilst eating, during sex, or in the bathroom.

For more on this story go to Are you never without your social media communication? I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that with the rise of the smartphone comes the rise in social media, but do you think there’s a time when we should all just switch off?

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