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Stargaze from Bing Map’s street level view

March 17, 2022 | Peter Chubb

Who would ever have imaged that you would be able to use stargaze with the use of Bing Map’s street level view? This newly developed application allows you to locate and recognize planets, constellations and other objects while gazing in the sky at night.

The new app - World Wide Telescope – is a simulation that runs in real-time and shows you how the night sky would look wherever you are virtually standing, it will even work during the daytime. To use this new program you just go to Bing and activate the app, you then need to go to street level – from there you just need to pan your camera upwards towards the sky.

Once you have done this, the light will become dim on the surrounding buildings and streets, this makes it much easier to view the sky at night – now the stars will be viewable. There are a number of customizable options available to you, so you will need to play to get them perfect for you.

This new feature from Bing also uses images collected from the Hubble telescope – this means that you can even view supernovas. For more details on this visit Mashable.

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