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Miley Cyrus and Twitter: She doesn’t miss tweeting

March 17, 2022 | Tina Chubb


Miley Cyrus and Twitter: She doesn’t miss tweeting

If you’re a Miley Cyrus fan who was left disappointed when she announced she was quitting Twitter and was hoping to see her return, then you really shouldn’t get your hopes up too much. The star of “Hannah Montana” says she has no desire to return to Twitter and time soon.

According to a report at, the singer/actress once had close to a million followers on her Twitter account. But she quit the social networking site last October, at the command of her boyfriend and “The Last Song” co-star Liam Hemsworth.

Speaking to Movieline recently, 17-year old Cyrus said that she was tired of telling everyone what she was doing. Cyrus – who says she’s made the right decision to leave Twitter – admitted that she was once the kind of Twitter addict that she now actually pities.

Miley says that since leaving her Internet persona behind, her life has been more fulfilling. She claims that she is on her phone a lot less now, and says that she is more social than what she was before. “I have a lot more real friends, as opposed to friends who are on the Internet,” she said.”

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    ilov you and i miss you take you

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