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Opera Mobile 10 and Mini 5 Lose Beta Tag

March 16, 2022 | Tina Chubb
Opera Mobile 10 and Mini 5 Lose Beta Tag

Are you a user of Opera Mini – the web browser designed for mobile phones, smartphones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) by any chance? If you are, then the chances are you’ve already made the switch over from Opera Mini 4.2, to Opera Mini 5.

The newer version brought plenty of improvements, including speed dial, tabs, and tools that are gathered together for easy access to your favorite websites. The improvements definitely made its predecessor look quite pale in comparison.

And according to a report at, the same goes for the Opera Mobile 10 web browser. And seeing as though both browsers have been available as beta for quite some time now, it’s understandable that Opera have decided to change to stable versions.

Compared to the beta versions though, Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10 don’t bring any new features for its users, only minor bug fixes. If you want to know more information about both browsers, then you can check out the video found at the link above.

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