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Stats: The Average Twitter User

March 11, 2022 | Peter Chubb


Stats: The Average Twitter User

Barracuda Labs has been studying how Twitter comes up with its stats – the results show that the users are not very active.

In the study the security firm looked at the 19 million or so ~Twitter accounts to try to understand how these users use the micro-blogging service.

They begun by assuming that each Twitter user has at least 10 followers and that they in turn follow 10 people. Then if they Tweeted 10 times – only 21 percent of followers were active. The study for the end of December 2009 shows that only 26 percent of users had 10 followers, just 40 percent of those followed 10 people and 51 percent were following five people or less.

The study then looked at Tweets, estimates show that 34 percent of users had not even Tweeted – 73 percent had only Tweeted less than 10 times. So what can we learn from this – well Mashable explains that on one quarter of the userbase are active.

To understand more about these figures visit Mashable, where they have a stats graph and more details.

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