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New Apple iPad vs. Kindle: Market Share Threat

March 7, 2022 | Peter Chubb

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New Apple iPad vs. Kindle: Market Share Threat

We can always rely on ChangeWave to offer us a survey just as an important piece of technology is about to be released, which is just what they have done when asking 3,171 consumers about the upcoming Apple iPad. They had asked them if interest with the new tablet device was still high?

Mashable have been looking into the original article posted by TUAW and found that were more interested in the iPad before Steve Jobs took to the stage to show the device off. The survey shows that 27 percent of existing e-reader owners will still purchase the iPad over the current model that they own.

When taking a closer look at the number, which you can see on the two charts here, you will notice that the Apple iPad posses a real threat to Amazon’s Kindle. This device is the top selling reader on the market today, but we have to wonder if the iPad can do to the ereader market what the iPhone did for the cell phone market?

The ChangeWave study showed that those willing to buy the iPad, 20% of them would wait at least a few months after its release. Maybe they want to wait to see which publishers Apple had teamed up with and how popular iBooks will become.

Will you purchase an iPad on launch, or will you wait?

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