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Microsoft’s Social Networking Phones: Pink and Pure

March 6, 2022 | Peter Chubb
Microsoft’s Social Networking Phones: Pink and Pure

Microsoft is to release two models of cell phones – Pink and Pure - Sharp will make the handsets while Verizon will be the U.S. carrier. The handset will be aimed at teenagers and will come with a host of social media features. Thanks to Engadget they have managed to come across some leaked images of the new device.

EarthTimes explains that Google and Apple have dominated the market for some time now, so Microsoft hopes that by appealing to teenagers they will be able to offer some sort of fight. Reports suggest that the codenamed Pink and Pure handsets will be released in July.

That date is a little different to the one that Engadget suggests; they say that the Pink could be released as early as April. In an update to their last post, Engadget reports that the Microsoft Pink will be made available to Vodafone internationally.

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  1. jamie says:

    verizon better do something fast because they are going to lose alot of their customers by making them get data packages and they also dont offer cool texting phone for teenagers which is probably alot of their business face it alot of people cant afford extra data packages and they dont want their teenager to have access to the internet 20/4/7 but they can afford to give them a cool texiting phone so they can be in contact with there friends verizon doesnt care about their customers or the troubles we've been facing in this ecomomy.

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