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Twitter used to broaden student participation

March 2, 2022 | Peter Chubb


Twitter used to broaden student participation

There is no denying how hard professors have it when it comes to teaching more than 200 plus students at a time. One of the biggest problems is how the lecture halls are designed. Like a downward sloping cone. This has forced the professors to turn to social media website Twitter for the solution.

Trying to get your point across to more than 200 students at a time was once a tough task, but with the age of laptops, netbooks and smartphones, Twitter is now making the task much simpler. Mashable thought that they would take a closer look at this topic and describe in detail the two main benefits of using Twitter in a lecture.

Dr. Monica Rankin, based at the University of Texas in Dallas was very pleased with the results of his experiment with Twitter, noticing that he was generating more discussion with his students. Students can now respond in real time to a feed that is displayed in the room, if successful then we can certainly see other professors taking up the idea.

Do you think that these social media sites are a good idea when it comes to teaching students?

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