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Facebook Changes: Notifications going away and new layout video

February 28, 2022 | Daniel Chubb

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Facebook Changes: Notifications going away and new layout video

So many people hate change and need to read the book “Who moved my cheese?” but things keep moving and change is needed. When Facebook unveiled their new layout, it was met with both joy and annoyance to some users.

If your still not sure on the new Facebook layout, then check out the video below this post that gives you a quick overview of the changes. Now here is some news that will make change-haters happy, Facebook App Notifications are going away within the next 24-hours.

Mashable report that Facebook is saying goodbye to app notifications tomorrow, March 1st. The transition from app notifications to e-mail notices has been known for a little while, but just yesterday the Facebook Developer blog updated with more information about the new method.

YouTube is filled with people having problems with app notifications in Facebook, and those that hated the bombardment of app notifications will be happier from March 1st – although you will still get some sort of notifications.

Developers will have new methods to communicate with users; this will include sending an e-mail to users that have opted-in, dashboard news notices, and counters. The last method is like notifications, with the exception that they are specific to individual apps.

Visit Mashable for more on the end of Facebook notifications, see the video below for one users take on the new Facebook layout, and let us know in the comments what you think of the latest Facebook changes.

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