Facebook and Twitter redefine public relations

Facebook and Twitter are 2 of the biggest online social networking sites available to users, and they have opened up and explored new avenues in the world of public relations. Social networking sites are a tool to give people the opportunity to contact one another, in turn they offer positive and … [Read more...]

Facebook Valuation of $23 Billion

A recent valuation of the popular social networking website Facebook – carried out by private equity firm Elevation Partners – has revealed that Facebook is worth a whopping $23 billion. That works out at more than triple what it appeared to be worth in 2009. … [Read more...]

Verizon iPhone Release: Web erupts in excitement

The rumors and speculation surrounding the possibility of the iPhone coming to Verizon have been going for quite some time now, but nothing has ever come from it. Well that is until now anyway, because it appears that it really is on its way this time. … [Read more...]

Larry King Live Ending: Social web responds

Larry King Live Ending Social web responds

American talk show host Larry King has made an announcement to the world recently, that he will be ending his long-running CNN show, “Larry King Live.” As you can very well imagine, the news about him ending the show has created a stir on the social web. … [Read more...]

Google Me: More rumor on new social network


You may have already heard speculation of a new social network that may be on the way, in competition with Facebook, called Google Me. There seems to be little hard evidence about it although Digg founder, Kevin Rose, recently talked about its existence and other people in the know at Google and … [Read more...]

AppleCare on iPhone 4 Problems

Many of you will have heard by now of all the problems regarding the latest Apple iPhone, the iPhone 4. This was released in a blaze of glory but antenna problems have caused a lack of reception, or dropped calls. Apple has recognized the problem but outraged many people by simply saying they … [Read more...]

Twitter Gives Love Advice

It’s nice to know that in the social networking world we can find something to cover every need these days. How about love, or lack of it? There’s a Twitter page for relationships giving every piece of love advice you could need, or among the many Tweets out there, plenty of words of wisdom about … [Read more...]

Verizon Wireless Cuts Microsoft Kin Price

After nearly a month of the Microsoft Kin Line mobile handsets being on the market, Verizon Wireless are cutting prices. Good news for consumers, but not so good for the sales of handsets. Cuts have seen the Kin One drop in price from $50 to $30 and the Kin Two from $100 to $50. … [Read more...]

Divorce Case Evidence: Facebook profile used in court


Social networking such as the use of Twitter and Facebook may be a wonderful thing most of the time, it helps people communicate with the people they want to, brings people closer together and keeps you in touch with what’s going on in other people’s lives. That’s all well and good when your life … [Read more...]

Google Me vs. Facebook

It looks like the popular social networking site Facebook could well be facing some very stiff competition soon, in the form of the “Google Me” service. Well, that is if we want to believe the recent rumors that have been reported by Digg founder Kevin Rose on Twitter. … [Read more...]

Google-China Censorship Saga Continues

Google-China Censorship Saga Continues

If you thought that all the business between search engine giant Google and China was all over, you’d be terribly wrong as it appears to be ongoing. And now, Google is said to be taking a different approach, to keep Google.cn up and running while not censoring the search results. … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 Review: 10 Things

It’s been six days now, since Apple released its new iPhone 4 into the mobile world. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve would’ve spent the last six days playing around with your new handset, to see exactly what it’s like. For me personally, it’s absolutely awesome!! … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 Design Problems: Facebook Petition

The saga of the iPhone 4’s reception problems continues and more and more people are joining in the protest against Apple’s stance in the situation. For those of you new to the story, the latest Apple iPhone was released last week but there have been problems with the antenna causing bad reception … [Read more...]

The Yahoo! Style Guide: Practical advice for writing on the web


Online social media networking sites are becoming more and more popular with users, and Yahoo is one of these sites. Recently, Yahoo have decided to publish a practical advice guide to help users, named “The Yahoo! Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 Signal Fix with Scotch Tape: Video

A cunning solution has been devised to help fix the iPhone 4's poor signal glitch. Youtube user "chedacheese" uploaded a video of his new device with scotch tape stuck on each of the bottom sides, which gives a consistent steady signal. Check out the link to Pcworld.com for an interesting article … [Read more...]

Cannes Ad Festival 2010: Key role of social media

Both advertising executives and clients gathered in the South of France this past week, for the 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. And everyone gathered at this year’s event were all agreed on one thing – the key role of social media. … [Read more...]

Social Media Resources: Hints, tips, insights and analysis

It’s always nice to get all the latest information that’s available on how to make the most of social media, and its resources. But if you’ve spent the last week worrying about getting your hands on the new Apple iPhone 4, you may just have missed out on social media resources. … [Read more...]

Twitter Places: Huge implications for the geo-location


Twitter Places didn’t get off to the best of starts but it’s now back and raring to go and could have huge implications for geo-location and the whole impetus surrounding location-sharing. The previous geo-location feature from Twitter never really took off due to it being overly-complicated. … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 Recall Rumor Spread Via Twitter

Since the release of the new Apple iPhone 4 last week, rumours have been circulating via the online social networking site Twitter, that the iPhone 4 may have to be recalled due to technical problems. Problems such as the device’s antenna losing reception, and that the phone may be unsuitable for … [Read more...]

World Cup 2010: Live tweets at 3.2K per second

World-Cup-2010-Live-tweets-at-3.2K per-second

Twitter being one of the biggest online social networking sites, have seen an immense increase in the number of Tweets that were exchanged back and forth between users, following on from the Los Angeles Lakers beating the Boston Celtics in the seventh game of the NBA finals. … [Read more...]

Facebook: Baby with bong picture, public outrage

Facebook are one of the biggest online social networking sites available to users, and the latest story to hit the site, is a picture of a 11 month old baby holding a bong. The picture was posted by the 19-year old mother of the baby, and was said to be a joke to show one of her friends. … [Read more...]

iPhone iOS 4.0.1 Update: Could firmware fix reception problems?

iPhone-iOS-4-.0-1-Update-Could-firmware fix-reception problems

Now that the new Apple iPhone iOS 4.0.1 has been released last week, it has been reported that users are experiencing problems with reception. The Death Grip as it is known, has been affecting the iPhone 4, and Apple are keen to rectify this matter as soon as possible, as Apple may then have to … [Read more...]

Wimbledon 2010 Results and Tweets: Should Twitter create a home?


FIFA World Cup has been much easier to follow in 2010 thanks to social media, and sites like Twitter make this even easier but creating dedicated pages for events such as the World Cup. You can see Twitter's World Cup home here. … [Read more...]

Social Media and Kellogg’s Cereal Recall In 2010

We learned yesterday that there was a Kellogg’s cereal recall and as you would imagine, there has been a huge response on Twitter. However, this is not the first and will not be the last food recall in 2010. But then again, it has not been that great for autos or toys either. … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Facebook app is facing problems

Online social media appeals to users of all different ages, and big sites such as Facebook and Twitter seem to receive a fair amount of these users. Recently, the Twitter Facebook app (a new feature) was a way of informing people who amongst their friends also had a Twitter account. … [Read more...]