HTC Droid Incredible Released Today: Worth the Wait

All those of you who’ve been waiting for the HTC Droid Incredible are in luck today because at last it’s here. It will be available on sale in Verizon stores and no doubt there’ll be queues around the block, even though many will have pre-ordered, as it seems many of you guys can’t wait to get their … [Read more...]

New Social Plug-ins from Facebook: World Domination

Facebook’s new social plugins have been a huge success with news that in only one week, more than 50,000 websites have integrated the plugins. It’s all part of Facebook’s new Open Graph initiative and it seems it’s yet another huge hit for them. … [Read more...]

Pepsi Max Social Media Campaign Targets Men

There’s interesting new today of a Pepsi Max online campaign targeting groups of young men in a bid to rejuvenate their lives. It’s in the form of an online video competition on social media sites and runs from now through to November. … [Read more...]

General Election 2010: Final leaders’ debate


The General Election 2010 draws nearer and tomorrow evening (Thursday) sees the final live televised leaders’ debate, this time broadcast on the BBC between 8:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. It will be hosted by David Dimbleby and held this time around in the Midlands. … [Read more...]

Twitter comments get Mike Bacsik fired


Former Major League Pitcher Mike Bacsik has now become the latest person to fall victim to Twitter. According to the Dallas Morning News, Bacsik has been suspended and consequently fired. Producer at "The Ticket" KTCK-AM (1310) made remarks through his personal Twitter account. … [Read more...]

Nokia N8: Social Networking is Second Nature

The new Nokia N8 has just been announced and it certainly seems as though it will be a great smartphone for using social networking. Along with a 12-megapixel camera and HD quality video-recording, on the homescreen there’ll also be live feeds from Twitter and Facebook. … [Read more...]

Twitter Brand Rules: 10 Dos and Don’ts

It seems there are important rules to consider for brands using Twitter in order not to alienate their customers which are quite different it seems, to the way the average user acts on Twitter. The people over at have asked people their opinions on this, analyzed the results and come … [Read more...]

FIFA World Cup 2010: GigaPan and Google Earth

FIFA World Cup 2010FIFA World Cup 2010- GigaPan and Google Earth

Both Google Earth and Gigaplan have started to show off some locations in South Africa, which is where the FIFA World Cup 2010 is to be held. Gigplan started showing of some of these locations last year, such as Pretoria. This is where the Loftus Versfeld stadium is located. … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Privacy Settings: Formal notice from U.S. Senators

In the past Facebook has been criticized over its security settings, but recent changes have improved things a little. However there are still those who feel that the social networking site still needs to make improvements, such as a few U.S. Senators. … [Read more...]

Google Android OS v2.2: Adobe Flash Support

Google Android OS v2.2- Adobe Flash Support

Andy Rubin from Google has given an interview to the New York Times, where he decided to reveal a few details regarding its mobile OS. Rubin said that Android OS 2.2 - Code named Froyo - would fully support Adobe Flash upon release next month on the Google Nexus One handset. … [Read more...]

Facebook and High School Walkout

For those of you who live in New Jersey, you would have noticed a student walkout, which was in retaliation to recent cuts in education. This demonstration became much bigger than anyone would have imaged all through one thing – Facebook. … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Like Button: Pressure for Glue

There was a new addition to Facebook last week as it introduced a “Like” button meaning that if a user were to “like” any content from an outside site, one click on the “Like” button would link back to Facebook and add the information to that person’s profile. … [Read more...]

Google Earth Maps: Earth View Feature Explained

Google Earth Maps- Earth View Feature Explained

Google Earth has seen a number of feature updates to make it a more complete service, the latest is how Google Earth, Google Maps and Earth View is now tied in together. So what is this new feature and how does it work? Thankfully Google LatLong is on hand to help us. … [Read more...]

Spotify: New Social Networking Features And Facebook Integration

Spotify- New Social Networking Features And Facebook Integration

Spotify, the music streaming startup is now following in the footsteps of so many other services, they will be going social. Spotify have unveiled a range of new features, which is to be called Spotify Music Pro@ile’. The one thing that you need to know about this range of new features is that … [Read more...]

LG’s First Android Phone: LG GW620 and Social Networking

The LG GW620 is a different phone for the Korean consumer Electronics Company for a number of reasons; the main one is that it is their first Google Android phone. LG plan to launch a host of other Android based handset, with all of them having social networking features. … [Read more...]

New iPhone 4G, Gizmodo and bloggers as journalists


The saga of the Apple prototype iPhone 4G just continues to grow. For those of you who’ve missed it so far a brief summary is that the prototype was lost in a bar, and then bought by a parent company of the blog website Gizmodo, who published details and photos on the internet. Apple demanded the … [Read more...]

Hugo Chavez will start using Twitter

Hugo Chavez will start using Twitter

It looks like social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are becoming more and more popular among world leaders these days. President Barack Obama has already joined microblogging site Twitter, and apparently has a total of nearly 3.8 million followers. … [Read more...]

RIM BlackBerry Messenger and social networking traffic

RIM BlackBerry Messenger and social networking

We all know that when it comes to cell phones for business, RIM is king – this is evident with the amount of emails messages sent on a business day. A billion emails does sound like a huge number, but this pales in comparison to BlackBerry Messenger and social networking traffic. … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing: Small business owners and ROI


The world is ever-changing and social media is certainly one of the things that are coming more and more to the fore of everyday life. People who never imagined they’d be using it now do so and it’s becoming an integral part of modern businesses with more and more realizing the ROI they can get … [Read more...]

Sprint’s BlackBerry Bold 9650: Release Date and Price

Have you been waiting for the follow-up to the popular BlackBerry Tour? If so, then you will want to see the RIM BlackBerry Bold 9650 that will be on the Sprint network. This new version drops the trackball and replaces it with an improved optical trackpad. … [Read more...]

Taiwan Earthquake and Google Earth Maps


There was an earthquake in the southern region of Taiwan today measuring 6.5 magnitude. Most of you will already have heard some details, but two really useful places to take a look at regarding earthquakes are the maps and also the information sections of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) … [Read more...]

How To Tips: Twitter and Facebook

How To Tips- Twitter and Facebook

While at the Facebook F8 Conference we learned that the social networking site announced a range of new features, these included allowing Pandora and access to a few bits of your personal information. Now comes the fun part, being able to learn how to use these new features. … [Read more...]

Verizon iPhone 4G: Does exclusivity hinder AT&T?

AT&T; has recently posted its quarterly profits and was much better than analyst had predicted. One of these reasons is because the carrier has the exclusivity of the Apple iPhone, but we are not certain how long this will be for – due to constant rumors of the iPhone 4G being made available to … [Read more...]

Mac App Store: Steve Jobs Throws Away Opportunity

There were rumors floating around last week that Apple may launch an app store for Macs, similar to the iPhone app store that has proved such a winner for Apple. Fernando Valente, a Mac developer, apparently sent Steve Jobs an email to ask about the possibility and according to an article at … [Read more...]

Create Buzz On Social Networking Sites: Location Based

Create Buzz On Social Networking Sites

Social Networking has become a very important part of not only the public, but business users as well. Sites such as Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter are becoming more popular – all thanks to the advancements in technology and how we all seem to embrace it. … [Read more...]