T-Mobile Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling: Starting Today


If you’re a T-Mobile customer then we could have some good news for you today as it seems that the company is bringing back its free unlimited Wi-Fi calling from May 11, that’s today. … [Read more...]

4 More New Towns Will Benefit From 40Mbps BT Infinity


BT has announced that it is set to expand its super quick broadand to an extra 4 towns in the UK. … [Read more...]

Free Wi-Fi From O2 Coming To All


If you enjoy Wi-Fi and things that are free then O2 have a treat for you. They have just launched their free nationwide broadband across the UK today and are in it to give BT and The Cloud a run for their money. … [Read more...]

LG Optimus One Review – Do Specs Impress or Fail?


LG’s Optimus One packs the latest Google mobile services and Android 2.2 OS, but does it live up to expectations? While 3G.co.uk like the simplicity and mark it as one of the best touch-screen phones available from LG, they also remind us that is a cheap entry-level device. … [Read more...]

SlingPlayer for iPad Review: Quality Wi-Fi Essential


If you want to view television remotely on your Apple iPad then I’d take a guess you’ve already heard of SlingPlayer for iPad that came out earlier in the week. It’s an app available in the App Store right now that enables you to transfer content from your Slingbox to your iPad and we’ve been … [Read more...]

Caravan Thief Caught On Camera Via Google Street View


Since Google's Street View was released it has had its fair share of bad publicity, most recently an issue with collecting our personnel details via unsecured Wi-Fi networks. … [Read more...]

Free Wi-Fi provided by Google on flights this winter


Google has announced that they are offering a free Wi-Fi service on flights with different groups of airlines. The free Wi-Fi will be available on U.S flights from November 20 through to January 2, 2011. … [Read more...]

London gets it’s first Wi-Fi enabled tube station


BT has announced that for a 6 month trial period, it will be providing the London Charing Cross underground tube station with free Wi-Fi internet access. It will launch on November 1st for all users with devices that have wireless enabled according to Cnet. … [Read more...]

Connect Any Wi-Fi Device to Any Other Wi-Fi Device with Wi-Fi Direct

Wifi Direct

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could print out your pictures without the use of all those annoying cables? With the new Wi-Fi Direct this has become possible along with many other applications for it. … [Read more...]

Wi-Fi To Be Accessible In NYC Parks


Today, for those of you who cannot live without your laptop, may be interested to hear that news has just come in of “The City of New York” now putting in Wi-Fi points dotted around its parks to give people accessibility to link to the rest of the world! … [Read more...]

Amazon Releases New Kindle: Price and features


Many of you probably own an e-reader of some sort. It’s a device which is used to read books electronically, using a technology called e-ink. Using the e-ink display, you can get a device which can hold thousands of books and which has a low power display which looks just like ink on paper. Amazon … [Read more...]

Starbucks Free Wi-Fi: Tweet about your Latte

Starbucks Free Wi-Fi- Tweet about your Latte

Today is July 1, 2010 and is the first day that Starbucks started offering free Wi-Fi. This is great if you want to go on Twitter and tweet about your latte but not good if you want to go in and enjoy your drink as you will find it hard to find a vacant seat. … [Read more...]

Android 2.2 Froyo Features: Recap


It’s widely expected that Google’s new operating system Android 2.2, dubbed Froyo, will be officially unveiled next week at the I/O developer conference and it seems there are some good new features that you may be interested in. … [Read more...]