YouTube Gobbles Up 22% Of Your Mobile Data Allowance


What do you do when your out on the go and have time to kill? Check your Facebook account, fiddle with a few apps, watch the odd YouTube video? This is what many of us do on our smartphones, and studies have shown that YouTube is amongst one of the largest pastimes which swallows up our data usage … [Read more...]

Apple Enter The Race To Buy Hulu- iCloud Integration?


We have been speaking recently about the on demand video service Hulu, and the possibility of them being acquired. We have identified the largest candidates, those being Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Apple are now reportedly very interested in buying out the video streaming site and are getting … [Read more...]

Hulu Acquisition: Google, Yahoo Or Microsoft?


With the news a few weeks back that Yahoo had made a secret bid for Hulu, the rumor mill has been kicking into overdrive about the future of the video streaming site. Google reportedly are also very keen on acquiring the on demand giant, with Microsoft monitoring things as well. So should Hulu … [Read more...]

LoveFilm Beware: Netflix Europe Launch Coming 2012


We spoke recently about consumer preference between Netflix and Hulu Plus, with Netflix coming out on top. The US on demand rental service is now reportedly set for a big expansion which will no doubt be making waves. One of the countries that Netflix will come to is here in the UK, which makes … [Read more...]

Is YouTube Losing Its Purpose?


Back in 2005 when YouTube was born, it was made with the simple purpose of having users record themselves and "broadcast" it. All sorts of crazy content has been uploaded over the years, but is YouTube now in danger of losing its identity? … [Read more...]

Vudu Offering Movie Viewing & Rental In Your Web Browser


The streaming service Vudu has now made its offerings available through the web browser. Vudu who are owned by Walmart will now be allowing consumers to watch and rent movies from your PC, rather than through a TV, Blu-ray player or set top box. … [Read more...]

YouTube Hero Casey Speaks Out About His Incident


We brought you the powerful story of "Casey (the punisher)" last week, the brave lad who has caused a real stir on YouTube of late. Casey has spoken out about the incident which has given him worldwide heroic status as he fought back against severe bullying. … [Read more...]

YouTube’s Recruitment Drive: Wants 30% More Staff


If you are currently feeling the strain of unemployment and have a gift with advanced computing, then feel free to apply for a job at YouTube. Google's video streaming site is looking to have one of its biggest hiring years ever and is on the lookout for new staff. … [Read more...]

YouTube No.1 Social Site For User Satisfaction


When we talk about the top end of social media, it is normally Facebook who greedily come at the top of everything. Well, Google's video sharing site YouYube has out done Facebook this time around; they are the site with the highest user satisfaction. … [Read more...]

Netflix & CBS Agree 2 Year Deal


On demand video streaming service Netflix, has hooked up with broadcaster CBS on a 2 year non exclusive deal. This move will see CBS content made available to Netflix's current catalogue, a feat which big rival Hulu does not have. … [Read more...]

Celebrity Channels Could Be Coming To YouTube


YouTube is one of the most used websites in the world and has hundreds of millions of hours of entertainment for you to feast your eyes on. Google who own YouTube feel that the owner's of the channels that we watch at the moment may not be providing enough entertainment and so are considering … [Read more...]

YouTube Star: 10 Year Old Singer Signed By Simon Cowell


We brought you the news recently that a new star in the making had been spotted on YouTube. A 10 year old Canadian girl called Heather Russel has been dubbed the female Justin Bieber and is set to rise to fame in the same way he did. … [Read more...]

YouTube Discovers New 10 Year Old Singing Sensation


Over the years, YouTube has been the birth place of stars and there has been talk of another one in the making. A 10 year old girl from Canada called Heather Russel has posted videos of herself singing on the video sharing site and she has been likened to Justin Bieber. … [Read more...]

Amazon Prime Unlimited Video Streaming: Cheaper Than Netflix


Only a few days ago we reported how Amazon now had full control of LoveFilm and speculated whether Amazon intended to concentrate on the streaming market soon, and now, if you are an Amazon Prime customer then we have some good news for you. It appears that Amazon is to offer unlimited movie … [Read more...]

BBC iPlayer Received Record Number Of Requests From December 2010


Last Christmas, the BBC's catch up service had a record number of requests for TV and radio shows. The busy festive period which is famous for its entertaining TV schedule, saw 145 million users hop onto the iPlayer to watch the programs they missed. … [Read more...]

CES 2011: Vudu Announces 3D Movie Streaming


Video streaming site Vudu has announced that it will start offering a 3D movie streaming service very soon. Speaking just ahead of the CES 2011 event, the organisation will be the first company to provide this service. … [Read more...]

Best 2010 Ads: YouTube’s Most Watched


YouTube is a place for just about everything and is not only an unlimited entertainment fest, but also a great place to effectively advertise your goods. We will be running through the most viewed and popular advertisements of the year and I am sure you have seen some of them many times! You may … [Read more...]

YouTube: Revamped Hompage With Newsfeed


YouTube has slowly and silently given their homepage and user interface a new make over and the changes have primarily been put in place to draw users in more regularly. A big newsfeed and trending video section has been stamped onto the homepage, with the site looking like a video streaming … [Read more...]