Google Plus active users growth vs Facebook

Google Plus active users growth vs Facebook

Earlier on we reported that the Google Plus live broadcast stream was happening today at 4:30pm and indeed it did. In this news piece we want to let you know about the Google Plus active users and how it compares to the likes of Facebook. Google’s social network G+ now has a staggering 540 … [Read more...]

PayPal Hit 100 Million Active Users Milestone


The e-commerce site PayPal has announced that it has achieved the 100 million active users milestone. It appears that the payments site has been growing in users rapidly, with nearly 1 million new users every month. … [Read more...]

YouTube No.1 Social Site For User Satisfaction


When we talk about the top end of social media, it is normally Facebook who greedily come at the top of everything. Well, Google's video sharing site YouYube has out done Facebook this time around; they are the site with the highest user satisfaction. … [Read more...]

Around 50% Of The UK Now On Facebook


Facebook is gradually working its magic all around the world and it has now been revealed that roughly half of the UK are on the social networking service. … [Read more...]

American Facebook Users: 42%- Twitter 7%: Surprised?


We all know that Facebook and Twitter are the 2 biggest social networking services on the planet. However there is a huge difference between first and second, in the battle for social dominance. … [Read more...]

Sky Announces 70,000 3D Customers

Sky 3d

Sky has put the word out that it has now ammassed 70,000 customers on its 3D service. There were fears that due to the unpopularity of glasses 3D, the subscriptions would suffer as a result. … [Read more...]

Anyone Can Use Facebook: 103 Year Old Is Living Proof


Facebook is fast becoming an unstoppable machine which sucks up users of all shapes and sizes and persuades them to use their social networking properties. Just about anyone and everyone with a computer has probably given Facebook a go at some point, but this next lady is one the last people you … [Read more...]

Skype: Major milestone of 25 million concurrent users


We recently informed readers of the latest update 5.0 for Skype with its enhanced user interface and integration with Facebook Connect which we pointed out would make a lot of Skype users very happy. Now it seems the rise of Skype has hit new heights with news that it has reached a major … [Read more...]

Internet users: 2 billion and counting by year’s end


If anybody out there ever doubted the astonishing growth of the Internet then doubt no more. New figures out show that by the end of 2010 there will be more than 2 billion Internet users worldwide, that’s around 30% of the world’s population. … [Read more...]

Users of Facebook in Asia make it the fastest-growing region


We all know by now about the social network phenomenon that is Facebook, a site that is so successful they’ve even made a movie about it called imaginatively, “The Social Network.” Facebook presently has over 500 million users across the world and a particularly staggering statistic is that 54% of … [Read more...]