Wendy’s burger Twitter gameshow brings 33,000


Online social networking site Twitter is growing in user numbers by the day and since its launch back in 2006, it’s gained over 200 million. Users range from the everyday person through to some pretty big celebrity names. As well as following an individual(s) on the site and tweeting, it is being … [Read more...]

iPod Nano: In line for new replacement, is this you?


If you are an iPod first-generation Nano owner and purchased the device approximately five years ago, then you will be pleased to learn that Cali Company Apple may be replacing it for you. The Internet is rife with news that due to overheating issues (on the rare occasion) owners in the US could be … [Read more...]

US Galaxy Nexus accessories, earlier arrival date?


Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus running with Android’s new Ice Cream OS is causing quite a stir at the moment and for others barr the US, its release date is nearly upon us. Currently for the UK, the Galaxy Nexus will be dropping on November 17th whilst the US is still waiting on tenterhooks with the … [Read more...]

Galaxy S II T-Mobile & Sprint: screen problems annoy


This year has proved to be fantastic for manufacturers “Samsung.” Not only has the company managed to introduce new Galaxy Tablets in different sizes, but an entire new range of smartphones plus the introduction of a smartphone/tablet by the name of the Galaxy Note. … [Read more...]

New AT&T Vivid & Skyrocket receive price cut already


Looking for a new cellphone? If the answer’s yes, then you might want to explore one of two avenues, the first device is that of HTC’s new Vivid or the second being that of Samsung’s new Galaxy S II Skyrocket smartphone. Each running on AT&T and having the benefit of the new LTE network, the US … [Read more...]

Verizon HTC Rezound breaks cover November 14th


Finally the HTC Rezound running on the big red US carrier has been officially launched, and one of its selling points is that it will be the first phone in America to release with Beats Audio integration. … [Read more...]

Sprint iPhone 4S download speed issues: no further on


When the new Apple iPhone 4S was officially released on October 14th, it was hoped that the handset would sail through without any subsequent problems. Despite the phone’s popularity, it has been slightly plagued with issues such as its battery life and for US carrier Sprint slow data speeds and … [Read more...]

US smartphone choice announces HTC


As we now move towards the tail end of this year, it’s fair to say that 2011 has been the year of the smartphone and tablet market. Ok, so Apple already had the iPhone positioned on the market along with the iPad first generation, but during the last few months, a multitude of other branded … [Read more...]

Meet the Lego Man


For Jeff Hindman in Florida, what he was about to discover has totally baffled everybody! Whilst out walking along Siesta Key Beach, Hindman came across a statue on the sand and on approaching he realised it was in fact an 8 foot Lego Man. … [Read more...]

Krista Ford on Facebook ‘left the Toronto Triumph’


Toronto Triumph’s Captain and niece of Mayor Rob Ford “Kirsta Ford” has announced that she will be quitting from her present position. The Triumph’s, one of 12 US based Lingerie Football League teams and coincidentally the only LFL franchise in Canada, have already lost 22 out of 26 players … [Read more...]

Strained US / Canada iPhone 4S: online reserves


Before Apple’s new iPhone 4S officially debuted at the start of this month, consumer interest was massive. Ok, so the iPhone 5 didn’t arrive but a revamped iPhone 4 is now here, and judging by today’s news, the phone since its arrival last Friday, is now proving hard to buy. … [Read more...]

Sprint iPhone 4S, Slow Data Problems Reported


The Apple iPhone 4S officially got released on Friday 14th October to a sea of consumers and this weekend alone, its been reported that at least 4 million units will be sold, this comes from a report over at news.businessweek.com. … [Read more...]

U.S. & Canadian BlackBerry Users: Reached Demise?


We've been keeping you updated as much as we can with the latest BlackBerry goings on. Since Monday of this week, Research in Motion's services such as BBM and the use of emails have been near enough impossible to get into. … [Read more...]

Sprint, AT&T & Verizon iPhone 4S: Which One?


After some fifteen months of waiting, Apple finally announced yesterday what new handset they would be bringing to retailers, that of the iPhone 4S. Disappointment was felt with many hoping and even expecting a brand new iPhone 5 to surface, this looks to be something for next year. … [Read more...]

Carrier Sprint iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S To Fruition?


Months and months of iPhone speculation will be rounded off in one event due to take place on Tuesday October 4th . Starting at 10 am in the US and 6 pm in the UK, Apple's major event will be led by new CEO Tim Cook at the company's Headquarters in what is hoped to be that of the iPhone 5 … [Read more...]

Official Entrance: US AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II


The US up until 3 weeks ago was patiently waiting for the arrival of Samsung's popular Galaxy S II, a global phenomenon its fair to say. Now with Sprint's variant the “Epic 4G Touch” available, the next to join the list stateside is that from AT&T. We know that T-Mobile's version is on its … [Read more...]

US, UK & 3 Others To Release iPhone 5 October 14th?


Where do we start with the iPhone 5 news today? Well, that's an easy one, the media event of course scheduled to take place October 4th at Apple's Headquarters. This is the time finally, that we are all hoping to see the illustrious iPhone 5, despite some believing that it will not show itself … [Read more...]

US Galaxy S II T-Mobile: Pipped AT&T To The Post?


Since its official debut back in April, the South Korean company Samsung have been wowing the world with their awesome Galaxy S II smartphone. Interest for the handset is so immense that over 10 million units of the device have already sold and that's before we've even got to the Christmas period. … [Read more...]

Huawei Honor Powers Up Q4: US & Europe To See?


Huawei, which was originally founded in 1988 and based in China is now bringing out a new mobile phone handset to add to its other devices. Ok, so the name may not be one that automatically springs to mind and many would say with other big names such as Samsung, Motorola and of course Apple, that … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Imminent: Verizon’s iPhone 4 $120


The news is a little confusing presently in relation to Apple's new iPhone 5. The latest we heard about its arrival, is that a media event has been scheduled for October 4th which will be led by CEO Tim Cook with a possible appearance from main man Steve Jobs. Despite medical leave, many believe … [Read more...]

Social Media Changing “Death Penalty” Or “Political” Views


Here at OSM, we often write articles on the subject of social media and the way in which sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been taken on by millions of people globally. For some users, one site over the other may be more favourable or there may be a percentage of you who use both. In the … [Read more...]

US T-Mobile Galaxy S II: September 26th Event


Even though Samsung's popular Galaxy S II smartphone officially arrived some two or so months ago, the news hasn't ceased. Many have said that the new addition to Samsung's range is the one to beat and with more devices on their way in the coming weeks, we've asked whether Samsung can hold onto … [Read more...]

Will Apple’s iPhone 5 Event Crash AT&T’s Galaxy S II Launch?


All of the headlines have been about Apple's event on October 4th, but another big one is occurring 2 days before. October 2nd will see the Samsung Galaxy S II finally launched in America with AT&T carrying it, Beta News reports. Sprint launched their version of it, the Samsung Epic 4G, last … [Read more...]

US Samsung Galaxy S II Attain: AT&T October 2nd


Samsung's monumental new smartphone by the name of the Galaxy S II, is wowing a huge number of customers with the company looking to achieve their yearly target of 10 million sold units. Before the handset had even officially released, we had a gut feeling it would do well, the specifications were … [Read more...]

New Nikon 1 Micro Camera Family: Specs, Prices & Release


Are you in the market for a new camera and are confused which way to turn? Whether you're a professional or amateur, Nikon have introduced a new range of family by the name of Nikon J1 and Nikon V1 with interchangeable lenses. Before we give you a basic synopsis of what each one consists of, there … [Read more...]