Twitter’s Head of News support after quitting

Twitter’s Head of News support after quitting

Thousands of Vivian Schiller Twitter messages are coming in after she decided to quit her Head of News position at Twitter. Vivian Schiller took to her official Twitter account to let her followers know she has decided to depart, she was Twitter’s first head of news and it has now been confirmed … [Read more...]

Twitter hashtag popularity leads to Path integration with iOS app

Twitter hashtag popularity leads to Path integration with iOS app

Path’s personal social network app had an update yesterday, and the new feature builds on the Twitter hashtag popularity that leads to the Path integration with the iOS app. Path seems to be moving forward by following the likes of Twitter, and this was proven yesterday when the Path got its … [Read more...]

Twitter adds new advertiser features, solves relevancy problem

Twitter adds new advertiser features, solves relevancy problem

Twitter knows that in order to stay ahead of the game and to keep businesses happy a few changes needed to be made to the search function in Promoted Tweets, so you'll be glad to know that Twitter have done just that by adding a new advertiser feature that will help to solve the relevancy problem. … [Read more...]

Wendy’s burger Twitter gameshow brings 33,000


Online social networking site Twitter is growing in user numbers by the day and since its launch back in 2006, it’s gained over 200 million. Users range from the everyday person through to some pretty big celebrity names. As well as following an individual(s) on the site and tweeting, it is being … [Read more...]

Twitter users chance to win new Galaxy Nexus, how?


Although news is still a little hazy in relation to Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus and its US arrival, the UK will be receiving it on November 17th. The South Korean’s new smartphone that has intrigued many of us for the last few months is rumored to now be arriving stateside on November 21st. … [Read more...]

Social Media “charity giving” Twitter users give more


Although many of us know how popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become, they are still overlooked with what they can achieve for individuals, businesses, charities and so on. The use of social media as its known, is a subject we touch on from time to time, and as well as giving you … [Read more...]

Remembrance Day 2011: Twitter engages everyone


Tomorrow, the world will hold a two-minute silence to remember those that lost their lives in wars past and present. Remembrance Day symbolized by the red poppy, will see many attending special memorials throughout the globe, this includes many sites across the Internet. … [Read more...]

Firefox 8 download now available, Twitter integration included


Firefox users can now enjoy the latest version of the search engine, Firefox 8.0. From its introduction it took nearly 7 years to get to version 4.0, but since then the last 8 months have brought us up to the 8.0. … [Read more...]

Twitter reacts to Red Arrows ejection fatality


The social networking site Twitter has today given tribute to two individuals who have passed away, the first reported on this morning of legendary boxer Joe Frazier, and the second that of Red Arrows pilot who today lost his life, when he was ejected from his Red Arrow flying machine whilst on the … [Read more...]

M5 crash Twitter reacts


People around the country are waking to news of a terrible incident that happened on the M5 last night. At 8.30pm 27 vehicles were involved in a collision on the busy motorway near Taunton Somerset, which left cars and lorries ablaze. … [Read more...]

Twitter dissects Justin Bieber baby rumors


Pop sensation Justin Bieber who pulled at fans’ heart strings with his single “Baby,” is now defending himself with rumors that he has fathered a baby boy who was born in July. News comes as a 20-year old fan by the name of Mariah Yeater claims that after Bieber finished his concert at Los Angeles … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Ferdinand racist abuse: Terry retaining captaincy?


Online social networking site Twitter is no stranger to the world of football and it’s players, and for a while now we’ve been reporting on some landing themselves in hot water. The latest is that of England and Chelsea captain “John Terry.” … [Read more...]

Twitter remembers Jimmy Savile 84


Thoughts today are with radio and TV’s Sir Jimmy Savile who passed away at the age of 84 after suffering from pneumonia, he was two days off celebrating his 85th birthday. … [Read more...]

Manchester United’s mauling kept Rio Ferdinand off Twitter


Manager of 25 years Alex Ferguson described Manchester United’s 6-1 defeat against Manchester City, as “the worst result in his history,” and that’s without the humiliation that fans would have felt at the time. Added to the shame, the side lost on their own turf. It was hoped that after their … [Read more...]

Social Media assisting Turkey earthquake victims


In light of the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake that ripped through the country of Turkey, bringing with it complete carnage, a rising death toll of which could be 1,000 with many left homeless, its been asked whether enough had and is being done for victims. Here at OSM, we have spoken about how … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama on Twitter

Michelle Obama on Twitter

Most of our favorite celebrities are already on Twitter, and for some of you the thought of you missing out on their tweets would be considered a disasters. However, there are those that have still not signed up to the micro-blogging service – yes there really are. We can now tell you that Michelle … [Read more...]

Michael Owen and Joey Barton talking journalists on Twitter


We've reported a few times over the past week or so about Joey Barton's Twitter antics, although over the last 24 hours the Queens Park Rangers football player has joined Michael Owen, Manchester United, in a social discussion about journalists on the Twitter. Around 19 hours ago Michael Owen … [Read more...]

San Francisco earthquake rocks Twitter, map details


The San Francisco earthquake that shock the Bay Area only a few hours ago has also rocked social media websites, including Twitter and Facebook. The quake measured 3.9. This article has compared the 2011 San Francisco earthquake to another 22-years ago, which apparently took place almost exactly … [Read more...]

Twitter Colonel Gaddafi Death updates, beware of spammers


News has been spiralling out of control this evening, over the death of Libyan leader Mammar Gaddafi. After some trepidation as to whether the leader has actually died, reports are coming in that yes, he has. From 1969, Gaddafi will be recorded as being the fourth longest non-royal ruler since … [Read more...]

Ron Paul for 2012 President: Twitter and Facebook support

Ron Paul for 2012 President- Twitter and Facebook support

Politics is not our strong suit, but we have to admire how Ron Paul goes about his campaign to become president in 2012. No other candidate is able to use social media to the same affect as he, but can anyone win the election 140 characters at a time? Well, that’s a good question, one that is a … [Read more...]

Twitter accounts to follow: Funny, fictional and investors

Twitter accounts to follow- Funny, fictional and investors

With the increase in Twitter traffic we often wonder which are the best accounts to follow. There is a huge choice available to you from funny, fictional and even ones for investors. There are more than 30 here in a best off list, so we will look at what we think our readers will like the … [Read more...]

QPR’s Joseph Barton needs Twitter opinion


Earlier today we heard about the costs of Twitter rants, which some of the football players were being automatically fined. This was said to be a staggering amount of money, in fact around £1000 per word. Following on from this we’ve seen QPR captain, Joey Barton, hit the headlines again and … [Read more...]

Twitter benefits most from iOS 5 release

Twitter benefits most from iOS 5 release

Love it or hate it iOS 5 has proved a huge success for Twitter since it was integrated into Apple’s latest mobile operating system for the iPhone. In the 6 days that it has been made available the amount in which Twitter has grown has been astounding. When it comes to using Twitter users love how … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Dick Costolo on promoted tweets and new ads


Social networks like Twitter and Facebook have really taken off as we all know, from our personal messages to following our favorite celebrities, we love to get social online. The companies behind these websites still need to make money, and while the likes of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg wanted … [Read more...]

X-Factor UK: Twitter predicts boys winner


Within the last couple of weeks Gary Barlow, X-Factor UK judge and Take That member, joined Twitter very publicly on the live show, which saw him gain thousands of followers within hours. In fact Gary Barlow now has over 422,000 followers on Twitter, and in this weeks X-Factor show he said, “I am … [Read more...]