Eurosport beats BBC for Olympic Games TV rights

Eurosport beats BBC for Olympic Games TV rights

The Winter Olympics 2022 host city will be announced at the end of July 2015, and even though we await this news it seems the BBC has lost out to Eurosport for the Olympic Games TV rights in the UK from 2022. It has been announced that the European TV rights for the Olympic Games has been given … [Read more...]

Oscars 2015 and College Football dominates Twitter TV ratings

Oscars 2015 and College Football dominates Twitter TV ratings pic 2

The Nielsen Twitter TV ratings are in for 2015, and the two that topped in at number one for Twitter TV ‘Series and Specials’, and ‘Sports Events’ between (2/16 - 2/22) were the Oscars and College Football. The Oscars (ABC) on 22 Feb 2015 with a unique audience of 13,019,000, which also had … [Read more...]

DirecTV 771 error still persistent with HD channels

DirecTV 771 error still persistent with HD channels pic 3

DirecTV customers are receiving 771 error messages with all HD Channels being down, the company that offers radio and television via satellite have updated its Twitter account showing how customers’ can watch SD channels whilst they work on restoring the HD ones. Customers are already taking to … [Read more...]

NFL Super Bowl XLVII Africa TV rights

NFL Super Bowl XLVII Africa TV rights  pic 2

NFL Super Bowl XLVII is all set to start February 1, 2015 where the games will kick off at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona, USA. Africa TV rights this year will be going to Zuku and SuperSport. Both Zuku and SuperSport are African pay-TV operators have just struck a deal with … [Read more...]

Canvs Twitter TV content from Nielsen creates world-first in social TV

CanvsTwitter TV content from Nielsen creates world-first in social TV pic 2

Leveraging Twitter TV content captured by Nielsen, Canvs, powered by Mashwork, has become the first completely syndicated qualitative social TV platform, bringing new meaning to social TV metrics. With the ability to qualitatively analyze all Nielsen-measured TV-related Tweets for new and live … [Read more...]

Mad Men Finale emotional Twitter reaction stats

Mad Men Finale emotional Twitter reaction stats

Mad Men Waterloo (Episode 7) May 25th, 2014 10 -11PM garnered a massive 10,011 emotional reactions out of 35,556 tweets from Sunday May 25 7PM to Monday May 26th 2AM. The mad Men finale has left fans on the edge of their seats now until 2015, which is when the second half of seventh and final … [Read more...]

Innovative Social TV product called Canvs

Innovative Social TV product called Canvs

Mashwork, which is a NYC-based startup that specializes in social media analytics has launched an innovative Social TV product called Canvs, which was recently featured on The Atlantic and DM News. I think you will find it to be an extremely timely product release based on where the Social TV market … [Read more...]

Twitter TV is a major consumer phenomenon

who is tweeting about TV - Twitter TV is a major consumer phenomenon

Who’s tweeting about television? Twitter TV is a major consumer phenomenon and 36-million American people sent a massive 990 million tweets about television in 2013. Social networking is big business and this includes ‘Social TV’, up until now no one really knew who the viewers were that are … [Read more...]

New TV, Sony competes with Apple


It would seem that we are on the brink of something interesting in the TV world. For so long now we have been use to slight changes in the way that television programs are brought to us. Yes we have gone from black and white to color, from huge plastic boxes that sat in the corner of the room to … [Read more...]

Apple TV 4.4.1 update brings problems


Lovers of the Apple brand must be sighing again today after yet another firmware update has introduced problems into their Apple devices. … [Read more...]

Gumby’s 50th & Creator’s 90th Admired With Google Doodle


One of our favorite pieces of news that we often write about, is that of search engine Google and its impressive Google Doodles. Celebrating an individual's birthday, a yearly event such as Halloween, an anniversary, the death of a great name such as Apple's Steve Jobs who passed away last week are … [Read more...]

Social Media Engage “Discovery Channel” Users


For as long as we can remember, we have been bringing you news on the world of what is classed as “social media” and the way in which it can help individuals or organisations. Of course with the positives come the negatives but from past articles, it seems that social media when used in the correct … [Read more...]

IFA 2011 Toshiba 55-inch 3D Glasses Free TV: Spec & Price


As television sales suffer from a decline in consumer interest, manufacturers are left wondering how they can boost their figures and improve growth. The problem is back when televisions were large gray and black boxes filling the corners of our living rooms, the introduction of rear projection and … [Read more...]

Vote Bert & Ernie To Wed Via Social Media: LGBT Focus


For many the word “social media” may not mean anything straight away, but then if we associate it with words such as Facebook, Twitter, the use of MySpace and so on, then it starts to sound familiar. Individuals log onto the above sites plus many more, every day of every week and its not just these … [Read more...]

Apple Propose New Full Size TV Set, Interested?


When Apple are mentioned in conversation, we tend to associate the name with the iPhone, iPad or even the Mac. But news in today is that the huge tech giants are considering bringing out a new iOS TV set which could actually arrive in the fall. … [Read more...]

French Ban on Twitter & Facebook Mentions on TV & Radio


Not long ago we told how France was to crackdown on Facebook bullies and it seems that the French are now set to take action against both Twitter and Facebook, this time by banning mentions of the giant social networks on TV or radio. … [Read more...]

E3 2011: New Sony 3D 24-inch TV Monitor, Tempted?


Today, yearly gaming event E3 has already got underway with various pieces of news from tech giants Sony. Whilst Tim here at OSM has brought you news about Sony's NGP console being officially named “PS Vita” along with the price for WiFi and 3G models, we can now report about a 24-inch TV monitor … [Read more...]

YouTube Tops Samsung’s TV App Store Downloads Chart


Internet connected TV is on the up, with more people using their boxes to watch on demand shows and video. Samsung's app store for their line of internet TVs has just surpassed 5 million downloads, with Google owned video sharing site YouTube topping the chart for most downloads. … [Read more...]

Android Set Top Box: Experience Android 2.2 In Your Living Room


Over the last few months here at OSM we have brought you news on a whole wide range of new gadgets, these include the HTC Puccini Tablet PC, Samsung Exhibit 4G and the Dell Streak Pro 10”, the one thing that all these devices have in common is there Android operating system. … [Read more...]

YouTube Who Wants to be a Millionaire Blooper: Finger on Uranus


Here at OSM we enjoy bringing you news on the latest viral videos on YouTube and some recent examples were the 6ft water balloon, Kung Fooled and the ultimate dog tease. Now we have news of another great video that’s taking YouTube by storm, a “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” blooper involving the … [Read more...]

YouTube “Scrubs” Osama Bin Laden Death Prediction Hits TopSpot


It doesn’t seem possible that nearly a week ago, President Barack Obama was announcing to the world that terrorist and founder of al-Qaeda “Osama Bin Laden” had been killed. The house which was located near Pakistan was where Bin Laden and four adults were killed. In an interesting article over on … [Read more...]

Twitter Integration with TV: Increasing Growth


It wasn’t long ago that most of us were sceptical about how much impact Twitter integration with TV could have but it seems that not only is it having an impact but is actually a reason for increased viewing figures. The growth in this area over the last year was highlighted recently with the Royal … [Read more...]

IntoNow Acquired by Yahoo: TV Check-In App in Demand


Ever fancied making a few dollars really quickly. I mean really quickly. Then invent a clever app and wait for the money to roll in. It’s just become known that IntoNow, a TV check-in app that was launched only 12 weeks ago, has been acquired today by Yahoo for a price thought to be in the region … [Read more...]

Apple HDTV Smart TV Release: Could Be Later This Year


Many of you will have heard of Apple TV, the small black box accessory, which recently received an update. However today we are talking about a ‘real’ Apple HDTV Smart TV with news that Apple is set to enter the TV market with the first release later this year. … [Read more...]

Outside TV Viewing: SunBrite Announce 46-inch 1080p HDTV


With the summer months fast approaching, have you ever wondered how nice it would be just to relax in the garden with the sun on your back, cold beverage and perhaps your favorite TV programmes. News in today is of a company that seem to have had those very same thoughts, we are talking about … [Read more...]