Improvements for HP’s TouchPad

Improvements for HP's TouchPad

We can remember not so long ago that HP launched the Touchpad, and it promised to be a device that could take the fight to rivals. However, things never seem to go to plan, and just weeks after its release it was discontinued. The computer maker first started with fire sales, and then once inventory … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 3 Changed Battery Packs with Longer Service Life


It hardly seemed like any time had passed after the release of the Apple iPad 2 before attention was already being focused on the iPad 3. We’ve been keeping you informed with all the news and speculation and recently spoke about rumors of a Q1 2012 release and also the possibility that it will … [Read more...]

3G iPad 2 Heads to China and Hong Kong Opens Apple Store


Anyone will know that the Apple iPad has dominated the tablet market and the iPad 2 has been a huge success. More recently our thoughts have turned to the iPad 3 but news today concerns the iPad 2 3G version as it is now heading to China. We can also tell you that the first Apple retail store for … [Read more...]

Sony Tablet S Release Update: Pre-Order Now for September 16


A few months ago we were bringing you plenty of news about two upcoming Sony tablets, then known as the S1 and the S2. Recently we discovered that they were in fact to be called the Sony Tablet S and the Sony Tablet P tablet respectively and we have news today of the release status of the Sony S as … [Read more...]

Amazon Retail Site Revamp: Kindle Tablet-Optimized?


It looks as though the Amazon retail site is currently the subject of a revamp and testing has already begun on a redesigned It looks as though the reason for the new look could be associated with the upcoming Amazon tablet and that the current testing will be rolled out to increasing … [Read more...]

IFA 2011 Samsung Reveal: Galaxy Tab 7.7 Now Official – Specs


Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablet devices keep on coming. Hot on the heels of the Tab 8.9, the newly-announced 8.9 LTE version and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE variant, we now have official news of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 as revealed at IFA 2011 in Berlin. … [Read more...]

Toshiba Ultra-Thin Tablet for IFA 2011: Credible Alternative to iPad?


Back in June we told you about the Toshiba Thrive tablet which at that time was hoped to be a serious contender to Apple’s iPad 2. The 10-inch Honeycomb tablet with dual-core processor looked pretty promising, coming in at a lower price than the iPad. However it’s fair to say that the Thrive hasn’t … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 3 Conjecture: 4G LTE Seems a Real Possibility


We’ve been endeavoring to keep readers informed about the latest Apple iPad 3 developments and speculation and a couple of days ago told how the likely release date is now not likely to be until the first quarter of 2012. Today we have heard some interesting speculation about the iPad 3, which … [Read more...]

Best Buy Offers Samsung 3D TV Promotion: Free Galaxy Tab 10.1


For those of you thinking of purchasing a 3D TV and also requiring a new tablet device this one is a no-brainer. Best Buy is running a promotion beginning tomorrow, August 21 through August 27, which will offer a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on purchase of select 3D HDTV’s from Samsung. … [Read more...]

HP TouchPad 4G Pre-Orders Open: Amazon – Price $700


The HP TouchPad tablet device that HP hoped would blow the Apple iPad 2 out of the water has had a pretty mixed reception so far with our review roundup conclusion being that it could do better. However we recently told how a TouchPad 4G version was on its way although we had no news then of a price … [Read more...]

More iPad 3 Component Leaks: Possible Dual Release with iPhone 5?


We know that many of you are waiting for more details about the Apple iPad 3 (also sometimes referred to as the iPad HD or iPad Plus) and it seems that the release may be getting closer as more internal components have been revealed. There are even suggestions that the iPad 3 could be launched in a … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Due on Verizon 4G LTE: Release July 28


We have to take our hats off to Samsung for being one of the few manufacturers so far to come up with a credible alternative for the Apple iPad and Sammy recently launched it’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in a bid to step up the competition. We told our readers when the Wi-Fi version went on sale but … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 3 Retina Display More Likely: Coveted High Resolution


There’s a lot of talk at the moment about the Apple iPad 3, the next-generation tablet, and to be frank a lot of it is conflicting. We’re really not sure at the moment whether the next iPad will be the iPad 3, iPad HD or even iPad Plus, all names that have been mentioned over recent weeks. We have … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Step Up: Meet the Samsung Galaxy Q


The Samsung Galaxy S2 (or S II) is still much-awaited in the US but it seems that Samsung is already planning a step up from the Galaxy S2. Meet the Samsung Q, and it’s really rather difficult to pinpoint this device as either a smartphone or a tablet, so for now we’ll refer to it as an Android … [Read more...]

Claimed iPad 3 Component Photo: Brand New Design Exposed?


There’s a lot of talk at the moment about an Apple iPad 3, or even an interim model dubbed the iPad HD (or iPad Plus). We learned recently about the model known as the iPad HD, which was described as a higher-end iPad 2 due for later this year with an iPad 3 next year. Today we have heard of a … [Read more...]

New Apple iPad HD instead of 3 for 2011: Extra Maker Sought


We’ve been bringing you the news and speculation about the iPad 3 for some time and have recently told about the possibility of 3D inclusion, which incidentally has now also been mentioned for the iPhone 5. Initially it was thought that a new iPad would not release until next year but later news … [Read more...]

HP TouchPad Review Roundup: Could Do Better


The HP TouchPad tablet device, which HP has extremely high hopes for, will see a release tomorrow on July 1 and we’ve been bringing you plenty of news and also speculation about this webOS tablet, along with the price. As the first reviews have started to appear we thought it might be useful for our … [Read more...]

Apple iPad & iPad 2 Claim Huge Share of World Tablet Market


It’s no secret that Apple has seen huge success with its iPad tablet device despite the increasing amount of competition in this market, such as the Android Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab or the BlackBerry PlayBook on the QNX operating system. There are countless other tablets also trying to … [Read more...]

HP Touchpad Pre-Order Now Best Buy & Amazon: Available July 1


We’ve been giving you details and news about the HP TouchPad webOS tablet since we first heard about it back in February. HP thinks this tablet is a big rival for the Apple iPad 2 and has already thrown down the gauntlet. We also told recently about the release date for the TouchPad being July 1. … [Read more...]

Motorola Droid 3 & Xoom LTE Ready to Go? Added to MAP


We recently reported a rumored release date for the Motorola Droid 3 smartphone of July 7 and know that many of you are waiting for this new handset. Today we have news that hopefully means the release of the Droid 3 and also the Motorola Xoom LTE tablet, are much closer as they have now appeared … [Read more...]

Sony S1 & S2 Tablets: Pre-Order With Release Date News?


Its a job to know where to start when looking for a new smartphone or tablet device, lets face it the list is as long as both of our arms. No doubt its fair to say that Apple are renowned for their iPhone and iPad devices and since bot of their arrivals, competition has started to build. … [Read more...]

Vizio Tablet Honeycomb 8-Inch Almost Forgotten: Release Soon?


Way back in January at CES 2011 we gave you details of a Vizio 8-inch tablet which had been announced and also included it in our roundup of some of the best tablets from CES. To be frank we’d almost forgotten about it but it seems the Vizio Tablet running Android Honeycomb is coming after all and … [Read more...]

Back to School Tech Accessories and Tablets: Ideas Selection


We can hardly believe it’s that time of year again but it seems it’s already time to start thinking about ‘back to school.’ Earlier today we gave you some details about Apple’s Back To School 2011 promotion and now we thought it would be useful to give you a selection of some of the best back to … [Read more...]

Amazon Tablet Codenamed Hollywood: Free Movie Streaming


Back in May we told readers about rumors regarding Amazon joining the tablet market and there was speculation that two tablets, the Hollywood and the Coyote, may be available by the end of the year. Today we have further news on the Amazon tablet codenamed Hollywood as it seems it may feature free … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer FCC Hints at T-Mobile: Release next month?


Here at OSM we’ve written many articles now about the HTC Flyer an Android tablet, which HTC intended as a viable contender to Apple’s iPad. We have now heard about FCC hints for the HTC Flyer on T-Mobile and that it could be released next month. … [Read more...]