65-inch Honeycomb tablet, seamless integration


As we try to keep you informed of changes in technology, there is always the question about where manufacturers are heading next with the latest projects. Tablet devices are the latest things to hit our shelves and Christmas stockings all over the world will no doubt be filled with more tablets than … [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble new Nook tablet, second to iPad?


You may remember we reported before about a special announcement via invitation, that was put out to various groups in which Barnes & Noble were to be showing off a new device. We suspected that it would be an updated version of their Nook tablet e-Reader and we were not wrong. … [Read more...]

Best Office apps for Android tablet and phones


This year has undoubtedly been the year of the smartphone and tablet. On deciding what device is for you, then you will quickly realise that with most of them, a multitude of apps presents themselves to you. Today we wanted to look at what’s available on the Android tablets and phones distinctly … [Read more...]

Child-friendly PlayBase tablet from Karuma


Stuck for Christmas ideas? Singapore company Karuma may just be able to help, with the introduction of a new slimline tablet for children called the “PlayBase.” So what makes this latest device the present to have under the tree? … [Read more...]

iPad 2 benefits from extra color Smart Cover range


Tablet devices are becoming increasingly popular, and none more than the founder of the touch screen slate, Apple’s iPad. Seen in its mark 2 guises, the latest version to the Apple range can be seen in virtually every area of our lives. … [Read more...]

Best Android tablet found in 2011 list


We’re still amazed at how Apple’s single iPad, or two including both generations, has managed to hold of an army of tablet PC’s from many brands, although the fight is still continuing even if Apple has managed to keep the lead for now. When it comes to buying a tablet you have certainly got a … [Read more...]

Converting iPad Tablet Users: Amazon’s New Kindle Fire


With the likes of Apple taking charge of not only the tablet market but the tech news at the moment with its iPhone 5 release, it is increasingly hard for other manufacturers to get involved with their new devices. This has not stopped Amazon though, as we reported recently on its attempt at … [Read more...]

Uncovered New Toshiba’s 7-Inch Tablet Thrives


When the iPad 2 came along in March of this year, many believed that other devices wouldn't get a look in and that the Apple tablet would carry on holding first position. With such a vast collection of other slates to choose from and some not doing quite as well as first expected such as RIM's … [Read more...]

Expectations: Amazon Lights Kindle’s Fire September 28th


As we enter a new chapter in tablet devices, Amazon, designers of the Kindle are on the brink of revealing their latest e-reader to compete against the other tablet big wigs. Originally rumored to break cover sometime in November, the Kindle Fire is now expected tomorrow. This early release has not … [Read more...]

Amazon’s Android Kindle Tablet: Price, Specs & Launch Revealed


For some time now we have known about Amazon's plan to bring out a tablet to follow up on the success of its immensely popular Kindle. Slowly more and more details have been unraveled and we have plenty of fresh new info for you regarding price, the release date and the specifications of the … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 3 Release Date Looking Like Q1 2012: Specs Update


Behind the iPhone 5, the iPad 3 is the second most anticipated device that Apple will release in the future. Rumors fly around every day about possible specs, prices and release dates, and we have another one for you. Multiple reports are saying that Apple has initiated trial production on the … [Read more...]

HTC Puccini Inbound Within 2 Months: iPad’s Big Rival


It has been known for some time now that HTC has had their flagship tablet in the works, the trouble is nobody knows exactly when we will see it. HTC held a press event in London back in June, with the Honeycomb tablet strongly expected to be unveiled there. Nothing materialized but it is now very … [Read more...]

New TabCo “Grid10” Tablet: Specs, Price & Pre-Order


The current mobile phone and tablet market is filling to the brim and its a job to know what to opt for. No doubt many of you would have set a budget as to how much to spend and as fantastic as the specs are, the price will play a huge factor. Up until the start of this year, Apple's iPad device … [Read more...]

iPad 3 News and Rumor Roundup: Cutting Through the Noise


We know that many of our readers are always interested in news about new and upcoming Apple products and the much-rumored iPad 3 is no exception. Over the last few months we’ve brought you many articles with news and also speculation about this tablet device, which as usual Apple is managing to … [Read more...]

Amazon’s Android Tablet May Be Sold Cheaper At A Loss


We have spoken on occasions about Amazon's Android tablet, and how it is still currently in the pipeline. We now have new news about the mysterious tablet and it seems the price could be very interesting. It appears that Amazon could be prepared to offer the tablet for a very cheap price, they … [Read more...]

5 Ways Mobile Games Have Found Success

Mobile Gaming

Smartphones and tablets have become incredibly successful in recent years. Every day we hear of new competitors hoping to find a place in the increasingly crowded marketplace, including the Motorola Photon 4G Smartphone and the Sony S2 duel screen tablet. One of the reasons for the success of these … [Read more...]

Sony S2 Tablet Release Exclusive to AT&T in US


We’ve been bringing you news about the upcoming Sony S1 and S2 tablets for some time and today we have some news that may interest many of you. We first heard about these tablets back in April when it appeared they could be real rivals to the iPad 2 and now we have learned that the S2 tablet in the … [Read more...]

Panasonic Toughbook H2 Unveiled: Entry-Level Price $3,449


There’s definitely a market out there for the rugged device, I’m talking tough and durable that will stand up to most that is thrown at it. Back in May we brought you news of the Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 laptop and now we have details of another Panasonic rugged device, this time it’s the turn of … [Read more...]

Tablet Sales Down By 28%, Can This Market Survive?

Slate Tablet

Tablet computers have been around for years, however it wasn’t until Apple got into the market with the original iPad that it became a viable and successful market. We’ve seen plenty of competitors in the tablet marketplace since then, including the Motorola Xoom and the Huawei MediaPad. … [Read more...]

Android Honeycomb 3.2 Update Inbound: Mototola Xoom First?


Following on from our earlier post regarding the stabilizing of video calling on Android tablets, we now have some more exciting news regarding tablets that run Google's OS. Reports are saying that Android are close to launching an update to their software, with Honeycomb tablet owners enjoying the … [Read more...]

Amazon Order 2 Million Touch Panels For Their Android Tablet


Amazon has stepped up their efforts in launching their Android powered tablet by placing an order for a reported 2 million touch panels. The e-commerce giant are looking to get a tablet of their own out on the market to compete with the big dogs like Apple and their iPad. As it stands things are … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Forces Amazon LCD Tablet To Take A Back Seat

apple-ipad2-release-sales soar

We are all aware that tablet devices have taken the technology world by storm, everyone and his wife are trying to get their foot in the door in order to not miss the boat so to speak. Obviously, the main target for all manufacturers is to compete against the hallowed iPad 2 and this is … [Read more...]

New Olivetti OliPad 110: July Release, Video Shows All


Since the start of this year, tablet devices are increasing in numbers, we have the new iPad 2 and talk of an iPad 3 on the way, Motorola's Xoom, BlackBerry's PlayBook, HTC Flyer, Samsung's Galaxy 10.1 and so on, but there is another to be released next month. … [Read more...]

HTC “Puccini” Honeycomb Tab To Be Unveiled June 27th


We have been covering plenty of news from the tablet market recently, such as Amazon's Android tab, Microsoft's Windows 8 tab and the Archos Arnova 7. We are now going to talk about HTC's next tablet PC which will succeed their Flyer model. … [Read more...]

Amazon’s Android Tab Could Launch In Late August


Talk of Amazon's Android based tablet has been rife, with all sorts of specifications and features being suggested. Many are wondering when we will see the table launched, but some well placed sources have hinted at a release in the latter stages of August. … [Read more...]