Apple Continue To Rain On Samsung’s Parade: Galaxy Tab 7.7


Many of you will have been keeping up with the ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung where they have been locked in combat over patents and all sorts of things. Apple seems to be getting the better of Samsung in the courts and now they continue to rain on Samsung’s parade by having the Galaxy Tab … [Read more...]

Dell Streak 5: Discontinued and Thrown Out The Window


When you think about the market for tablet PCs you have to wonder just how anything is going to make any sort of indentation in terms of market share on Apple’s iPad and iPad 2. One that tried and failed is the Dell Streak 5; it’s now been discontinued and thrown out the window … [Read more...]

Notion Ink Adam 2: Intended For December Revelation


Tablet PCs are one of the most fashionable technology mobile devices that you can get at the moment. They are pretty much a combination of smartphones and laptops and have tried to take the good points from both to make a new device. We are now hearing of a new one and it’s the Notion Ink Adam 2 … [Read more...]

HTC Puccini: FCC Reveals AT&T Intentions


It’s strange how the world of tablet PCs never really took off, not until Apple introduced the iPad anyway. Tablet PCs were seen as pointless as you could simply carry a laptop but the advancements they have made makes them much more relevant to everyday life. Now we are hearing more about the HTC … [Read more...]

Acer Iconia Tab A501: Updated Specs Include 64GB Of Storage


Tablet PCs are one of the big talking points in the world of technology, more and more different manufacturers are adopting the Google Android OS to combat against Apple’s market dominance of the Apple iPad. Now we have heard a little bit more information about another Android based device, it’s the … [Read more...]

Pico Projector Equipped Mini-Tablet: NionCom Android Goodness


When it comes the tablet PC world it has changed quite a lot recently. Before Apple decided they wanted a device in there the market wasn’t really doing too well but as soon as the iPad was introduced all of a sudden it became fashionable. Since then we have seen a range of different devices mainly … [Read more...]

HP TouchPad 4G on AT&T: Offers 1.5GHz Processing Power


The world of the Tablet PC has certainly become competitive especially when you consider how things were before the introduction of the first Apple iPad. If you remember there were a few manufacturers dabbling in the market but none of them were exactly excelling, now that Apple has turned it into a … [Read more...]

Sony’s S1 Tablet UK Release Date In September


The tablet PC market is one that has had some crazy volumes of interest especially over the last year or so. If you go back to the very beginning, there were a few tablet PCs on the market but they weren’t really selling well, then Apple decided they wanted to release one. Of course with the success … [Read more...]

Sony S1 and S2 YouTube Teaser Promo: Part 2


The tablet PC market has become one that has some real competition in it. It started out as one that was not so profitable, it was never really fashionable and the devices that were made never really had the specs and battery life to make a difference in comparison to laptops. Things have since … [Read more...]

Archos G9 Series Super Tablets: High Specs Low Price


When it comes to tablet PCs, there are always comparisons to the Apple devices which are the market leaders. What people often forget is that there’s an abundance of others running on Android which are just as good if not better. Now we have the Archos G9 series of super tablets, these have high … [Read more...]

Budget Tablet PC From Archos: Arnova 7 Price Is $99


The world of the tablet PC has changed a lot over the last couple of years when Apple introduced the original iPad. The device found success prompting many other manufacturers to try out the market themselves. We have seen all sorts of prices and now we have a budget tablet PC from Archos, it’s the … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Release: Operation iPad 2 Takedown


The world of the tablet PC is becoming more and more competitive by the day, the current market leaders are Apple with the iPad 2 as they were last year with their previous model but there are so many in the market now it’s unbelievable … [Read more...]

Sony S1 & S2 Tablet Teaser YouTube Video: Episode 1


YouTube has become a great place for people to not only express themselves like the soldier dancing like Carlton but it’s also become a fantastic place for advertisement. Only recently we saw the success that Nintendo found by having Robin Williams appearing in their new Ocarina of Time 3D video … [Read more...]

Tablet PC and eReaders Outselling PCs on eBay: Surprised?


The tablet PC is a rejuvenated item that has become extremely popular since Apple introduced the first iPad into the market. They dominated it in terms of sales with only a few alternatives getting any kind of share of the profits, now there are a number of different manufacturers finding success … [Read more...]

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer: June Sales Exceed All But the iPad 2


Tablet PCs have become the ultimate gadget; they now combine power with speed and mobility which is great for those of us that are always on the move. Of course at the current time even though there’s stiff competition from all of the other Android devices Apple sits pretty at the top … [Read more...]

Toshiba WT310/C Tablet PC: Japanese Release First


When it comes to the tablet PC market there have been a number of different manufacturers having a pop at it. It’s entirely understandable as everyone is looking to replicate the success that Apple found in the previously dead market by releasing the first Apple iPad … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 Problem Discovered: Death Grip Antennagate Returns


When we think of Apple products certain words filter into our minds, sleek looking devices, high quality, a bit pricey and of course they are extremely popular. One problem that has certainly been an unwanted feature of the Apple iPhone 4 is the Death Grip aka Antennagate, this is an issue when you … [Read more...]

HTC Tablet 10-inch Puccini: Summer Release Still On


Tablet PCs have become one of the most sought after devices for many people following Apple’s release of the iPad into the dead market. As always many other manufacturers followed suit and released their own tablets and the market has now become extremely competitive … [Read more...]

Apple Force Samsung To Hand Over Unreleased Models To Courts


The vicious legal battle between Apple and Samsung has been taken a step further after it was revealed that unreleased smartphones and tablets had to be handed over to a federal court. … [Read more...]

ASUS Facebook Page: Teasing New Tablet/Phone Hybrid Release


When it comes to new tablets and smartphones what better way to advertise them than by taking full advantage of the biggest social network in the world, Facebook. Most manufacturers now have Facebook pages and also Twitter pages along with their own individual employee pages that are normally good … [Read more...]

MSI WindPad 110W Hits Pre-Order Status


Here at OSM we like to keep all our readers up to date with all the latest laptops and tablet PC’s, in previous posts we have brought you news on a whole host of great devices like the HTC Flyer, 7” Fujitsu LifeBook and the Dell Streak Pro 10”. … [Read more...]

Will Amazon Join The Tablet Market?


With business booming in the busy tablet market, word is going round that the e-commerce giant Amazon will soon be joining in. … [Read more...]

HTC Flyer Tablet PC Gets Unboxed


In our time at OSM we have seen various cell phones enter the market and one thing that everyone loves to see is them getting unboxed. We recently reported on the HTC Sensation revealing all in an unboxing video and now the tablet from HTC is getting the same treatment … [Read more...]

7″ Fujitsu LifeBook: Android Tablet Coming Soon


In the in the world of laptops and Tablet PC’s the market is rapidly growing on a steady daily basis, in order to help you keep up with all the latest products from this market we regularly bring you news. In previous posts we have brought you information on many of these new devices such as the … [Read more...]

Samsung Shows Amazing New Display: Will The iPad 3 Have It?


When you think about Apple and what they have done for the tablet PC market it’s pretty amazing. Tablet PCs aren’t a new concept, they have been around for a long time yet they lost their appeal because of a few reasons such as poor battery life and them perhaps not being the full package … [Read more...]